Kodi app on my Nvidia Shield

I have a Nvidia shield that HAD Kodi and all kinds of apps on it. Several months ago it stopped working. Everything I read said to uninstall then Reinstall it. I did and haven’t been able to use it since. Very different and difficult to find video add ons like Exodus. I just bough into IPVANISH and after chatting for over 2 hours they say they cannot help me. I am a technotard. I need help from someone who is patient. I would appreciate it


Well for starters there is guides all over troypoint.

Kodi addons

What type of issues are you having? Could you explain a little more? Uninstall all of kodi and install 19.3 with addons above should work.

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I’ll try uninstalling and installing that one. Thanks. I can’t find any familiar add ons or get anything to play.


Could you be a tad more descriptive?

Kodi would have to been installed for you to try to get something to play.

Are you a free user or real debrid? When you install 19.3 install the crew.

I would do a factory reset and start fresh.

Ok, so i installed and installed Kodi and searched for Exodus and Venom. Both are in repository but I cannot open them. Or run them


You have to make sure you turn install from unknown sources on.

Also once you put the url in the source info it’s on the left not the right.

Once you got the source you go to install from zip then repo.

Source url install from zip wait for install msg then repo.

It’s all in the guide posted. If you are not seeing it cuz it wasn’t installed from zip or unknown sources is not on.

I did all that. The “Run” option is not able to be clicked


If you are installing a addon from one mentioned above there isn’t a run option.

The crew guide.

Use that for point of reference for the crew addon there is a video.

Diggz build guide

That’s for builds.

I believe there is a element of user error here. Maybe take a picture of your error, we can check error logs.

Totally user error. I am so tech impaired it’s not funny. I followed exactly what the guide said and I still can’t get it to work. I need one of those “for dummies” guides. I will try those another day. Thank you very much for your help. It’s truly appreciated


It’s okay nobody is mad. It’s why troy has made these guides. There is small hiccups that can happen out side them, it’s why the fourm is here.

But it’s hard to exactly tell with the info you given me.

To me it looks like user error. If there actually is a log error i can get a better idea.

But it sounds like 2 things. Something conflicting with the install or the install hasn’t been done correctly.

Absolutely report back at a later time. You are welcome.

Maybe I can’t do it in my Nvidia Shield? Most of the tutorials say for fire stick or something. And, I can get Kodi and I even got Exodus to the repository, but then it doesn’t show up on the add ons tab. And any add on I do have, they don’t even open.


Kodi can be installed on nvidia. Almost anything it can be installed on.

If your not seeing your add on then it’s not being installed correctly.

I believe your issue is between adding the source link and installing from zip.

You won’t get a repo if you haven’t done those steps properly. You won’t get a addon symbol if above wasn’t don’t correctly.

You can try resetting your nivida and watch the guides. Plenty of people here have kodi on the box.

After you put in the source link url and hit okay you then go to addon install from zip and go to the name you made for the source info on the left! You should see it, after the pop up shows on top right then go to repo and it should be there install boom done.

I know I’m doing something wrong. I’ll do this when I have the time to watch the tutorial all the way through a few times first. That could be my problem, trying to do it while watching the tutorial. Thank you.


Yes, just be patient. Once you watch them videos and do it a few times it will be a walk in the park.

Report back after. Have a wonderful day.

Thank you so much. You too

Also, I have the IPVANISH, should that be connected before I try this? Do I need to do anything special? I just want to cover all my bases.


Focus on getting kodi working before turning on a vpn. turn it all off go through the guides get it going then once you are able to use kodi then turn on vpn.

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Ok, I watched and followed the video to install the diggz wizard and after installing it I got a message at the top right “chef matrix Wizard error check log For more information. What do I do?

It said I had 8 errors