Kodi-Addons without real debrid

I have Kodi on a fire stick and I need addons that don’t need real debrid and still work for movies, shows, and live tv.

Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.

Not alot, free stuff comes and goes. Free stuff you will always have issues with especially on kodi. I higly recommend rd. Or use stremio its probably the only option for free streams as it has more then you would expect for free content. But you need a vpn with it.

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Free links with Kodi Add-ons are getting far and few between. I doubt you will find a consistent add-on with free links for movies and tv shows. You should try some APKs instead, like HDO box, which seems to work fairly well most of the time. There are others out there, you will have to do a search for working APKs and try some of them out to find what works for you.

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Homelander (crew repo), Promise (warehouse repo), Nightwing (magnetic repo), all have free links that work well and have for quite some time now.

Sorry, missed the “live tv” part of your post. For live tv, I use the crew (crew repo) and Mad Titan (magnetic repo), and dynasty (warehouse repo). The warehouse repo also has a standalone USTVGo addon. All These have live channels, if you just want live sports/events, I use mad titan and the loop (loop repo).

Crew is pretty good for links without debrid… if you don’t mind 720.

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Maybe don’t use Kodi because it really works great with real debrid. I use it with real debrid and it works great. A few apks work pretty good without real debrid like Viva TV, FilmPlus, Flixoid, Media Lounge, Nova TV, Strix, UK Turks, and Cinema HD just to name a few. Can download them all from Unlinked.

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