KODI add-on problems

Haven’t been able to get FOD working lately. Looked at the error log but couldn’t make heads nor tails of it. lol. Anyone know what’s going on? Thanks.



Are you using IPVanish? If you are using IPVanish they are blocking some of the REPOs & addons. Basically anything that Is in the Narcacist or EzzerMac repos are blocked. If you disable IPVanish they work perfectly!

That was it! You hit the nail on the head. Do you think all VPN’s are being blocked? Thanks.


Do you know why IPVanish is blocking these REPOs?

I don’t know why it’s happened, it started last week when I tried to use Asgard but it’s quite concerning, it would be interesting to know what they found in these repos they didn’t like!


Reminder, if you turn off your VPN to get your addons and repos working you are also exposing your personal IP address.

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Yes, I’m aware of that. Strange thing. I disconnected IPVanish, then loaded FOD, got a working link, and then went back and connected IPVanish and when I loaded KODI, the link was still there and working!


Tad, my friend doesn’t have a vpn provider yet. I was trying to get kodi installed and a build. Is there any other way to download kodi than using downloader? I did turn on download from unknow sources.

Of course. you can download from the official KODI website

Thank you Mark. I have gotten the problem resolved. I was able to get Kodi downloaded yesterday.