Kodi 21 Omega - Details, Features, & Download Links

Originally published at: Kodi 21 Omega - Details, Features, & Download Links

Kodi has officially launched the stable version of Kodi 21 Omega with new features and updates. An official announcement from Kodi has yet to be made but we will update with more information once it’s provided. Provided below is the changelog including features, fixes, and general update information. If you wish to install this version…


I’ve been using alpha for quite a while with no issues at all.


Which add-ons work well with Kodi 21?

afFENity, Crew, the usuals

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I just might try Umbrella when I get some play time to install 21 on one of my devices.

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I installed it but haven’t used it yet. It’s just a backup.

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Umbrella has been my go-to for a good little while now.
I’ll be tickled if it was compatible with Omega.

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I’m good with 20.5 and won’t make the move until my Build dev does. But if Troy put Omega on the toolbox I’d probably grab it and a few addons just to take a look


Hey @MarkxG, The Omega RC2 Release is available within the TROYPOINT Toolbox.


I went ahead and upgraded to the Kodi 21 from 20.5. The two addons that I had (Umbrella & Seren) migrated automatically with no problems. I watched about 2+ hours of content. So far, no problems.

Updated to 21 RC2 as well and the Diggz Xenon Plus 2.4 build uploaded without any issues so far.

Testing with Coalition addon and working fine.

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I’ve been using RC for ages and haven’t had any problems. Got Crew & Umbrella on it. I guess Fen might come off now :cry:

I am using RC2 with Seren. No issues at all.

Great TP-Brett for that info :+1:. I will look on the Toolbox. Thanks TP-Brett

I have so many boxes with 20.5 and it takes so long to add all of the addons with RD so, I’ll wait a little while. Maybe do a couple boxes when it is officially stable. Thanks Troy!

I installed Omega without uninstalling 20.5 on all three device that we use.

All of the addons were carried over with no loss in data whatsoever. Very easy & hassle-free.

How do i install the new Kodi omega

Wow that’s pretty cool. In the wizard of the build I use it gives me the options to keep my Addons but I’ve never seen that work. Did you just get Omega from the Toolbox and when it downloaded and installed it kept all your Addons?

It works well on the build i use too. They have an omega wizard version already too. Its been down for a few days so i think they may still be working out things.

I’m in no rush to move. The Dev of the Build I use likes to wait a while on the major releases before migrating over so I’ll just wait.

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