Kodi 20.4 Update Problems

Yes it is. I have been using confluence skin since XBMC 13-Gotham.

This is a known issue for Onn and Mecool with 20 4. Search on TP for more info.

Reload 20.3 and you shouldn’t have the problem.

I too have same problem with ONN and the latest Kodi update. I hit the left and home button and held down until the light on remote blinks a few times. The select button would then work again, but this is just a workaround. Anytime i restarted i would have to do it again.

From what I just read, its the Estouchy skin that has been retired from kodi 21.

Lets hope its accurate. :crossed_fingers:

20.5 is out and is the fix, or so I’ve read.

Yes, the exact one. But I reinstalled .4 and it worked for a day. Then select did nothing. I went back to .2 and it’s fine. .5 is out so maybe that’ll work but there no overwhelming reason to upgrades. Odd.

JPM69, Yep, it’s a bug in 20.4. They released 20.5 which fixed the issue.

Worked for me too!

20.5 works great so far no issues.

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That version of kodi had problems. You need to put version 20.5 in

just installed and tested Kodi 21. Addons Scrubs, Absolution and Daddylive and Win 11 connects tested and working fine.

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So, the Diggz Chefs Wizard is something I should use for allot of the issues we are discussing? And is Daddyslive something thais gone now… i just dowloaded it as a #1 Sports App and nothing, almost the same with the crew and asgard and thos wored beautifully for a couple of months. I think it’s me even though I have RD, TRAKT, AND AD, PLUS OTHERS, STILL ISSUES. AND I PAY MONTHLY FOR SOME OF THESE ITEMS. AND BTW, NOTHING IS TROY’S FAULT. IF IT WASN’T FOR TRIPPING OVER TROY’S SITE I’D STILL BE PAYING $250/MO. FOR FOR 500 CHANNELS I DON’T WATCH!!

Ok we can try to help you. Lets get some basic info.

What device are you using? I can’t help much with firesticks. Havent used in a while but other may help you.

Are you using a build? You mention the chef wizard but didn’t say you are using a diggz build.

Are you using kodi 21? This thread is for 20.4. Kodi’s been updated and many addons have moved to the latest version. No idea if 20.4 addons are still working.

Have you tried Sportsfire apk? Lot of people love it. It not on kodi. Its an app you’d download. Search troypoint about it.

Also, have you tried thetvapp.tv? Using your browser you can stream lots of sports. Search TP as well.

RD and AD are for movies and tv shows, not sports. You probably dont need both either. You do need kodi with addons or Stremio or Cinema etc to use their service.

Thats just some questions for now.

If you are into Live Sports then I suggest looking into getting a paid IPTV service. KODI not reliable for Live Sports. Use the search function here there is plenty of Info. Your a Patron so the Locked IPTV thread has lots of info


I would also like to add a bit of info. Services like RD and AD have absolutely nothing to do with “live” TV. These “premium” server apps are only for VOD, the same with Trakt which also has nothing to do with Live tv but is to keep track of your “watched” history.

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I do kind of like Arctic: Zephyr - Reloaded though lol. Was that skin in Kodi 20?

Change to 2.5.
2.4 doesn’t work

Not sure if you were replying to me?

I am using kodi 21. This thread is a little old. Hopefully most people have updated.

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