Kodi 19-4 matrix

hi all
i seem to have a problem with kodi version 19-4 version i use it on my windows 10 laptop pc.
i also use a vpn from express. without vpn on 19-4 runs ok but when i on my vpn kodi freezes and my pc task manager gives " kodi not responding" message and my pc freezes.
i have reloaded older 18-9 liea version and everything works well is there any work around this prob and is it the same with any vpn supplier?


Welcome to the community!

I would downgrade to 19.3 for now. 19.4 has worked fine for me without issues but as others have mentioned i think its not as stable. Unless your computer cant run kodi properly other than that try 19.3 no major difference’s that really matter in 19.4

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I bought ExpressVPN Jan 22, with the update about 2 to 3 weeks ago it has been glitchy and giving me nothing but problems, from app disconnect, app blocked, internet connected but no throughput to stream disconnect, ExpressVPN has been the problem. I have discussed this almost daily with tech support for almost a month, no resolution. I now have Proton Free VPN running and no longer having problems. Try it and see if it helps you as it did me. Not saying that’s your problem, but I had identical issues to you and ExpressVPN was my cause.


I also uses kodi 19.4 but on TV box without any problems. Friend of mine also using kodi 19.4 on PC windows 10 pro with VPN Express with the same issue that you have.

When he disable the window security Kodi 19.4 in combination with VPN worked fine.

Something was blocked by windows security in combination with VPN Express you should try deactivate window security build in or if you’re using another internet security, if this works for you than you have to check wat was blocked, and allowe it again or restore it from quarantine.

If you’re using edge try to lower the security level.

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hi thanks for comment it seems all can use 19-4 with express vpn on most devices except windows pc. are you using it on a pc or something else? with your proton vpn
i even tried offing my security didnt seem to make any difference.
im happy to change my vpn if i know others dont give me the same problem.

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me again dont really understand when you say he disabled security kodi 19-4 in combination with vpn.also i tried it on internet explorer just same

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@forest Hi again

Windows 10 pro build in windows security exist of antivirus, firewall, account protection, app and browser control, and much more, so no need to use external antivirus or firewall software.

If you’re using legit version of windows, and if you’re having problem with security issues my advice is to consider visiting Microsoft support website for better advice.

If you’re not using an legit version I can’t help with that.

You’re having an issue with Kodi 19.4 when connecting with Express VPN screen will freezes, and without VPN Kodi works fine.

Try to use Express VPN without kodi to find out if you can browse the internet to see if the problem persists, try to connect to other countries servers in VPN Express app do to some county blockade, you can always contact VPN provider and report the problem. Otherwise consider the following:

  1. Check your windows security settings
    It could be that application being blocked sometimes windows security See’s application as treat and block’s them

  2. Check your windows version for updates and security patches for new updates this also will solve many PC/Laptop issues.

  3. Check RAM memory card in your laptop if there is enough memory. This is common problem with screen freezes when using multiple application at the same time if you don’t have enough memory in PC or laptop try to upgrade the memory cards.

  4. Uninstall and reinstall application cause corrupted files. The cause of that it could be that some system files accidentally deleted.

  5. Clean PC/Laptop browser’s from cash and junk files, device will perform better and run smoothly.

Ps. Those are my opinions and experiences, and problem solving issues using Kodi on PC/Laptop.

Good luck with that.

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I was using ExpressVPN on my 4K Max, my samsung phone, my samsung TabA and my chromebook. Express tech support informed me that their VPN isn’t compatible with the Chromebook but didn’t give any help resolving the issues on my other devices. They did give 3 updates almost back to back but nothing helped. Wasted $130 on a year Sub. I just configured IPTV simple client in the Mad Titan addon to test. I already have TiViMate with all the live channels I need but wanted to test it without ExpressVPN. So far so good.


thanks for advice yes it is a legit version of windows 10 but not pro just windows 10
yes works fine without vpn connected.
microsoft told me they couldn’t help because 3rd party addons they cannot offer help for those.
yes i can use express vpn to browse the internet and have no probs with it.
your 1 to 5 points are in order. i have done the following, opened kodi, run it on one particular
addon without vpn went right through that episode (40 mins) no probs. went to same point/same addon/same episode but with vpn connected after 4 mins of play the screen froze, i went to task manager on pc and there was notice kodi is not responding. so after ending task and going back into kodi procedure again sometime it would freeze as soon as play started sometimes would run max 1o mins before same. i uninstalled kodi re-installed earlier version 18-9 leia no problem at all. i am convinced that the 19/19-1/19-2/19-3 and 19-4 manage to conflict with vpn or the other way around. so now i am trying to establish whether it is just expressvpn i am happy to change my vpn supplier but obviously not if problem exists in all vpn’s on windows 10. e;g; surfshark tell me on their chat they do not cover 19-4 matrix whatever that means.
finally on 18-9 all is ok on kodi on my laptop pc and on another device. so i very much appreciate your advice and attempts to help me. thank you.

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hi again
one thing i forgot to mention i searched the web and found the very same providers used on the addon on kodi for the same program/same episode and with vpn on watched it right through no problems. it was outside the kodi app and it worked. i dont know whether that means anything or not but shows pc is working ok but of course it didn’t involve 19-4 version on kodi being used.

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@forest You are welcome glad to help
Your windows version is using window defender antivirus this is good as well.

Me and others around me are using Kodi 19.2 and higher with different divices eg. PC, laptop, TV box, and mobile device in combination with different VPN providers, IPVanish, VPN Express my self using NordVpn no error experience.

But if you consider changing your VPN provider you should check troy point website for discount’s. Good luck :crossed_fingers:


i know this goes on and on but can i ask if any of your friends are using 19-4 on a windows 10 pc?
if not the one using a pc with vpn what’s the version 19 1.2/3/4 and the name of the vpn.
it goes without saying that if i have to replace my vpn it will be via troypoint.
you say one has express vpn what version is he using of 19’s because he is close to mine in as much he has same vpn as me.
i had been in touch with some friends one says he uses first 19 version on his laptop with nord and dsnt have my problem.
finally again a friend said why do i not put the vpn on my router instead of pc, i dont know that would make a difference.

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@forest He’s using windows 10 pro with Kodi 19.4 and ExpressVPN this depends on your location, settings, and most of all any changes you make will be your responsibility.
Advice to check provider website and search for:

How to set up ExpressVPN for Windows 10 (L2TP/IPsec manual setup)

This tutorial will show you how to manually setup a VPN for device running windows 10 (include Microsoft Surface) using the L2TP/IPsec protocol.

Becare for that not all ExpressVPN locations may be available for manually configured connections.

Pls.Note that I’m not responsible nor troy point for any changes you make, you should consult your VPN provider for further support.

Good luck again :crossed_fingers:

ok so the only difference between him and me is he is windows 10 pro and i am just windows 10 that come with the pc when purchased. and you say he dsn’t have any probs.
i will go back to express and see what difference shows if any.
thank you

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@forest also your location is different

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hi sorry mate but not clear what do u mean is he in a different country?
what difference does a location in the uk make with using vpn.
im obviusly missing something here

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@forest Different location means different countries, if you are in the UK and I’m in the US we are in different locations.

But also means if you are in the UK and connecting to a different location “example. Connect VPN to a different location server in the US”.

Also if your checking the provider website the manual setup, the settings in the manual will not aply to your location "means settings will aply to other location like the US but not to your location in the UK.

Location is your country UK

Hopefully this will be clear to you success.:sunglasses:

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are we talking about vpn on router here as against my present set up, vpn on pc.
cos i think my head was still muddling through my present problem and i thought thats what we were talking about.
excuse my mis thinking here getting too old

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@forest Sory for asking this now. Are you using add-ons compatible with kodi 19 and above.

Because some of the add-ons are compatible with kodi 18.9 and not with kodi 19. and above

If it’s so than you have to remove those and install the one compatible with 19 and above

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I have Kodi 19.4 on windows 10 Asus laptop. I use Surfshark vpn.

I have no concerns . NO problems to report

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