Kodi 19.4 / Diggz Xenon crashing

Diggz Xenon crashes when I am searching or Switch to a different TV show or movie. I have tried to reload/reinstall it 3 times. The last time I used Kodi 19.3., it also crashed.

I need other suggestions. What do you use???

General Information

Hardware: Fire Stick/ Fire TV stick 3rd generation/ storage capacity 2.14 GB of 5.35 GB available, (with Kodi installed)/ software version fire OS

last update October 5th, 2022.

OTG Adapter, 64 GB SanDisk (Portions 50, 50, Using remote ADB shell)

Kodi: 19.3 (19.4 Kept crashing, so I installed Kodi and then Diggz Xenon from scratch Using the Kodi 19.3

Diggz Xenon: Xenon v8.6.3

Shut Down: I do remember to shut down with the Power Button, Save and Exit, I allow it to shut down on Its own.

I use surfshark VPN, religiously.

I have a virus scanner on my fire stick, and I used it at least twice a week.

I use both Real-Debrid and Trakt

I have done 3 total re-installs. I did uninstall Kodi and then reinstall each time. The last time I install Kodi I did 19.3 because I noticed a comment about if you were having problems with 19.4 to use 19.3. All three of them crashed.

I do really like the Diggz Xenon skin. I find it to be extremely helpful in finding what I’m looking for. I prefer not to leave Diggz, but I do need a build that works.

My main usage of the build is Movies, TV shows, Live TV football games, Sports.

  1. Is there a better build that I should try? (I did try the Diggz Xenon Ultra Light build. I can’t remember why I did not like it, but I did go back to Diggz Xenon).
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It sounds like you have plenty of resources to handle what your doing but if you want to try something else try Crewnique build, pretty light weight. Or the one you mentioned . All should work with your setup. Clean your cache maybe if you haven’t. Hope this gives you some ideas.GL


Do you think this is a Kodi or Diggz problem?

Have you tried Crewnique?

What is the best Kodi to run it on?


Update to KODI 19.4 . Maybe that will help. I know fire sticks struggle with big Kodi builds due to limited RAM. that’s why developers of diggz Xenon and other builds create " light builds "
Good luck :pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag:

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Personally, I would only use Kodi with 1 or 2 add-ons especially with sticks. The 4K Max is the best stick. but have limited ram and storage but will run great with some maintenance. Crewnique has been getting good reviews. @Jayhawks659 Skeleton Crew is a stripped-down build that is light weight and runs well. Lots of choices depending on your streaming needs.


Yeah… I think they kinda took my idea and created their own lightweight build. I figured that would happen when I asked them to add mine to the repo. But no one is doing it for profit, so it’s all good.


I really like your build. Yes, looks like they copied you. Flattery, I guess!!


Thank you for your feedback. I truly appreciate it.
You mentioned maintenance, where do I go in order to learn how to maintain the fire stick? Or are you just talking about emptying the cache?

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Throttlejockey: Thanks for the suggestion of CrewNique. I put it on last night and it runs absolutely fantastic. No more crashing. Is it is limited as to it’s sources though. Do you think I could add Mad Titan as a add on To that build?**

PiratePete: Kodi 19.4 downloaded just fine with CrewNique. So the problem must be with the Diggz Xenon. Right???

I have everything I want except free NFL. Do you have any suggestions???


Yes, you can add Mad Titan. There’s an add on called USGOTV at least in The Promise add on there is. It has 94 cable channels, about 87 worked for me the other day. With vpn on. Also, you can use silk browser and go to free sports sites. Search on Tp.


My build, skeleton crew, has mad titan built in and an IPTV section with working guide. Just saying.


Thank you, I will give it a try.

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How do I get Local news channels?
I’m thinking that there has to be a way to set your general location or even time zone. When I look at live TV shows I only get ones from the East Coast. Because I am down in the San Diego California area this doesn’t give me any local news. How do I set Kodi to get local live channels.


Pay for an IPTV service that provides local channels.

pay for iptv is the easy answer but some people cant there just looking for help


What device are you using? Can you try an app like localnow or Amazon’s News?

I know on fire sticks they have Haystacks Local news channels app built in for free from all over the country. Also, thru your browser In San Diego an OTA antenna should get your local channels as well

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Ive heard that diggz xenon is being updated, is this true.


Nope. Diggz Xenon runs fine on my devices. It’s more than likely your hardware. Good Luck :pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag:

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Jayhawks, I really, REALLY, appreciate your feedback. I have started using Kodi forks which is giving me away of testing different Builds. I love you Skeleton Crew. I have recommended it to a friend that wants Sports and a guide. He loves it. Thank you for all that you do and for answering the questions of us beginners.