KM2 Plus Sound Issue

I hooked up a new KM2 Plus for a friend today. Everything went great until I went to leave. The sound is so low on it. I thought maybe tv speakers so I hooked up their ONN box and no issue. Factory reset the Mecool to no avail. Swapped out HDMI and no help. Am I missing a setting in the now one? The remote works flawless with LG TV and the sound goes to 100 and you can barely hear it. I’m thinking an issue with the box unless someone knows something I don’t. Thanks!

did you check the cec setup?

Ya. The CEC is on and remote paired. It worked perfect until I did a reboot on the box. No settings changed

strange, try turning off the tv/km2 and starting them back up…tv 1st

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I even did a factory reset on it. Was strange. I downloaded everything I needed on it and worked great. When I was ready to leave, I went through the pairing to get the remote working with the LG tv and after it paired, the sound issue happened. That’s when I did the factory reset because everything was the same in settings

did you reboot tv and box?

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I did not reboot tv. Never thought about that

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sometimes the tv goes into afib…hit with the paddles a few times

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LMAO. They are doing that know. I’ll let you know as soon as they text me back

Didn’t help. They’re going to move it to another tv and try it. I almost think it’s a bunk box at this point, but we will see shortly

yea, really should have been plug and play

It was up to the point of pairing with tv. I’ll see what happens when they move it to another tv

No dice on another tv. I think it’s the box. They keep telling me it had something to do with pairing the tv and remote. Never heard of that and not sure how that would even be possible

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Check the volume with the TV’s remote and see where the volume is set to on the TV. Sometime the volume controls work separately on the device remote and the TV. I had an issue like that a year or so ago with a new TV I had bought. I turned up the volume to 100 on the TV and then controlled the volume using the device’s remote. I think if I remember correctly, I had some setting screwed up with either the IR or CEC setting.

Also, just recently I bought a couple of new Samsung TV and noticed that a few apps wouldn’t let me control sound until I went into settings on my device and enabled IR. That was weird because the sound control worked fine on 98% of my apps, including Tivimate, but would not work on Prime, and one of my movie apps. When I made the adjustment even the volume slide bar changed appearance and switched to the left side of my TV. As if the volume control had migrated from one source to another. :man_shrugging: Anyway, the volume control works fine now on all of my apps.

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Thank you all for the suggestions. It does the same thing with tv remote as well. I’m leaning towards a setting that got tripped somehow or the box is bad. I’m going to grab the box and bring home to check it as well. Appreciate the come ins from you all!

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I just purchased two of the KM 2Plus boxes I will check it out here also.

Thanks! I appreciate that

Hi can you clarify if problem is happening only when you pair remote with TV as I didn’t do that and sound works fine.

I went through and tried everything possible. Box went back. They bought a Shield Pro

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It’s a glitch . All mecool km2’s and onn tv boxes have the same glitch. The volume drops to about 20%. Because of this glitch I don’t pair the remote with my TV