Jellyfin server setup

Has Troypoint ever done a guide on Jellyfin server? I have been looking into setting one up but have not found any good setup guides mostly pertaining to hardware needed to host a local m3u(m3u8) server. I have no plans to host actual movies etc just “lightweight” stream distribution…?

TP refer to their website for more information on Jellyfin and how to install this media server.

Thanks, I found that but its not a tutorial, just a mention. :+1:

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I’ve been curious about Jellyfin as well.
I’ve been a Plex user for awhile, and like it.
But, as many of us on here, I just cannot leave well-enough alone😝


I went with emby. So far so good. Great iptv setup and epg.

Hey @TXRon
I have a question about how you use Emby. Without getting too personal, how and what do you use Emby. Just curious as I don’t know what it is and what it is used for.
Thanks buddy!

the original intent was to use it for my ota channels and it does that well. I use 2 hdhomerun flex receivers and they are picked up by emby and add epg to them and send to all tvs on my lan. From each tv I can record, view etc also can grant user privelidge as to what they can do such as delete, record etc. Emby also has iptv capabilities in a few different forms which can be mixed in with ota channels. Emby also can be attached to all or any kodi install on the lan and mixed. To be honest there is so much within emby thats possible you would be best going to their website because I cant do it justice not to mention im still learning it.

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Please keep us updated about your experience!

Hey thanks. I’ll do that, but you did the app and service well in your description.

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TXRon is using Emby primarily to view & manage Live TV via an antenna.

A lot of, if not most, users would use Emby as software to make a computer & its hard drive into a media server so that you can stream a movie or show from your computer to a firestick, android box, roku, etc anywhere in your house or anywhere in the world for that matter.

There are 3 main server programs that I’m aware of:
-Plex (most popular, basic use is free but to do what TX is doing requires paying for a sub) and is ‘closed source’.
-Emby also close source…I’m not sure about what features are available for free with Emby. I’m think it’s free to use as a media server.
-Jellyfin which is completely free for all of its features. It’s open source, which means that the UI may not be as slick & friendly as Plex or Emby.

I’ve been a Plex user for about 3 years, the free subscription strictly for my media server on a Linux-based computer. It’s been handy because we can stream movies & shows to any place in the house & beyond, as long as the internet service at the remote location is about 10 Mbps down.

Since TXRon is trying Emby, I’m going to play around with Jellyfin when I get some time.


Hey Thanks @elginherd
Report back here with what you discover, I would appreciate it. My interest is peaked, and may try to do a set up.
Thanks @elginherd and @TXRon

A little more than just local tv. Ive got tivimate recording to my emby server and of course emby recording to same location. Currently I can stream tivimate recordings on emby and tivi, now just trying to map it so I can stream emby on tivimate…although im not sure why I need to do that other than to say I did that :upside_down_face:

Also of note my server is android based and not on a pc. The only pc involved is this linux box im typing on and I can use it on the emby config page or I can config on the android server itself as it has its own monitor. So im basically all android setup. And actually I like it this way.


I’m using a Linux Mint machine to start on my Jellyfin project.
Ran into a couple of hurdles.
First was that I had to find a command to alter the package from mint to Ubuntu focal.
Second, getting the path from my media drive to the Jellyfin server is turning out to be a chore… because
I can’t find a way to delete a file in Jellyfin.
So I’m going to punt until tomorrow.

You will need smb implemented on all devices. Not sure about jellyfin but emby wants no user and password. Also you need xplore on android devices with dnla working, lan server set .

For my setup I’ll have to figure out some type of file management system for Jelly on my Linux.
Jellyfin’s GUI doesn’t seem to have a way of doing that.

I have to eliminate a file because I incorrectly pointed to the wrong place… I’m an idiot.

To be honest jellyfin doesnt have the options, apps etc that emby and plex does. Its an opensource spin and community driven with lots of promise but way behind the others.

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Yeah, open source can make stuff less user friendly.
I suspect that using a Windows machine would make things easier with Jellyfin. Dealing with only 10 & 11 has to be easier than trying to keep up with (what) 4 or 5 main Linux forks and all the distros based upon those forks.
But some of the features which are apparently available for free you have to pay for with Plex.
Right now I’m licking my wounds and gonna start fresh tomorrow :crazy_face:

You can also use jellyfin for all your torrent downloads and creat your own netflix.

Plex works well for that, too.

Plex doesn’t do the live and recording TV choice without a paid sub, and apparently doesn’t integrate with Tivimate, AFA I know even with a paid sub.

Just trying to learn a new system, for the fun of it👍

I got sidetracked from my Jellyfin project because of some health issues with a family member.

I’ll try again tomorrow or Thursday.