Jailbreak a Roku Ultra

Can a Roku Ultra be jailbroke using the steps outlined here? Thanks in advance.

nope, Roku is a closed system. It is possible to sidload apps but even then they could kick it out at any time so in the end…its futile

If you want mainstream cord cutting, Roku could be your device. If you want to do more of the unverified cord cutting, like a lot of the stuff we talk about in here, find a different device.

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Outside of the Amazon firestick or Walmart onn, what is the device of most everyone’s choice? I have read about the MeCool device. Which one would you recommend? I think my existing Amazon Firestick is having issues related to overheating.

I have tried several devices.Right now my 1st choice is the Nvidia Shield
2nd Amazon Fire Stick for the price a really great device
3rd Google Chromecast 4k if you prefer google over amazon
4th Walmart Onn price wise it is the best bang for the buck imho

I also have a tivo stream 4k it’s in the closet
And a Mecool Km7 Plus thinking of selling it

I have Nvidia Shield Pro (best device) and TiVo Stream 4K that’s similar to Firestick Max and works equally to the Max.

I don’t own but the Ugoos X4Q Pro or X4Q Plus would have to be considered if I wanted new device. Costs less than Fire Cube but has 4gb RAM and 64/128 gb storage. You would need a modern Smart TV (Roku, Fire, Google, Samsung etc.)

Would love to see a post from anyone who has the Ugoos X4Q

I have 2 ugoos x3’s and x4’s and they are great boxes but remember they are stock android …all ugoos products are stock. The Q is an upgrade of the x4 but spec wise looks the same except its square.

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Just to clarify. If I have a Roku TV as I know you have. Some 500 verified apps, subscription and ad supported free, come on the TV. So the Ugoos could be used for apks such as Kodi, Stremio, and all things best used with a VPN. Yet still have the ability to sideload verified and unverified apps. I would only give up Google’s certification?

Yes sir. No certs at all including netflix, prime etc. You still get the playstore but not certified apps. Would just fine for things like stremio, tivimate etc. I have the new ugoos am8 box ordered and it should take my shields place.

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I’m about to purchase another Nvidia Pro to replace my MeCool KM 6.

I have reached a decision point. My FireStick 4k Max I believe has suffered some over heating issues. I have done speed tests through my home and get excellent results. The Firestick buffers and at times completely quits with a solid 3/4 circle on the screen. I have done a speed check when the Firestick is buffering and the results there are excellent also. Having to restart the Firestick several times a day is upsetting to say the least. So, I am looking for another device that I can jailbreak similar to the Firestick, but not have the overheating issues, and would last more than just 3 years. Thanks in advance for all comments.

justa fyi… Many “stick” type devices are more prone to overheating and might require better ventilation. I prefer to stay with more box type devices due to that.

Is the Nvidia Shield the only box with a built in fan or are there others?

What brand box would you recommend?

Is there a model number for the Nvidia Shield that you like?

Lotsa good choices, all depends on how much you want to spend.

Get the newest. $199.99 at BestBuy, Amazon, or the Nvidia Store. I have seen it on sale a couple of times for $179.99 in the last couple of months.

I agree with Powerfader’s advice. Get the newest Nvidia Shield which would be the 2019 model.

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Does anyone know if any other boxes besides the Shield have built in fans?


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