Issues with kodi

I am running kodi 18.5… is it necessary to update to 19? I recall Troy saying not necessary if its working but i am having some issues still with Seren.
Should i factory reset?
Not getting many or no links with Cinema and yes I reauthorized with RD
Thanks for any advice or help.

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Stop hijacking people’s topics. You have been answered multiple times.

If you have an issue make your own topic on it. What your asking doesn’t relate to the issue at hand.

Update to kodi 19.3 do a fresh install.


So sorry i am not doing it right


There I made you one.

I’m not mad, but when you do things that’s way and aren’t related to the topic creator it tends to get messy and nobody gets issues resolved.

My suggestion would be to go through the kodi mega topic.

If your not getting real.debrid links check your subscription time. Also update to 19.3


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