ISPs Say They Will Block IPTV Services as Soon as Law Allows

OK…let’s say the day comes when my ISP blocks all IPTV addresses. Now I’m forced to subscribe to something like Youtube, Hulu, Sling…something else.

What’s the “best” service to use?

I mean I love my current IPTV but if I’m forced out? YT??

It’s difficult to justify, legally, a functional ban against a legal product.

It’s like banning all FM antennas.

Just scare mongering.

I had surfshark and had problems with it. I now have express vpn and no longer have the problems

I sometimes unplug every device in the network when I do a lengthy modem/router unplug. Pull the Ethernet over Power adapters out of the sockets, also manually unplug the wifi bridges. Then bring them back up in sequence - router first, adapters next, bridges last. May be overkill, but generally works.

I don’t trust them, I don’t believe they will leave the legal IPTV streams alone and just target the illegal ones which is just bad.

just the oppisite with me, tried ip vanish, private internet access, surfshark and always come back to Nord VPN, it has the fastest throughput of these four that I tested. I will continue to give my money to Nord VPN

380+ with the VPN on?

I don’t use a VPN except in the rare instance I need to Download a show or movie to watch on a plane. Been using KODI for 6 years now no issues without it

Well said

Do you use Real-Debrid or PM?

Real Debrid. Been using it for years now