ISPs Say They Will Block IPTV Services as Soon as Law Allows

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In recent years, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have become increasingly concerned about the rising presence of popular IPTV services. Some of them are even voicing their opinions on blocking these platforms as soon as the law allows. ISPs like Proximus and Orange Belgium are eagerly awaiting the implementation of new regulations that would grant them…

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So is the blocking of iptv also the blocking of VPN’s?

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I believe the blocking of VPNs was something they did look into but got a bunch of pushback.

As long as we can use VPNs it’s not really a concern. AT&T already blocks EPG updates and just all around degrades IPTV service if you use their Fiber ISP and don’t use a VPN.

I pay $280 for hardline, internet, satellite. I don’t see no government entity going after these crooks!


And you won’t,want to know why?Because those companies line the pockets of the politicians that are elected.There is no telling how much money those companies spend on lobbying the government.IOW they won’t bite the hands that feed them.

Who’s pockets do you think 10% of that $280 is going into?

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I have AT&T Fiber and not experienced any of these issues with my IPTV service and I do not use a VPN. I pay for 300MB and consistently get 380+ speeds over WiFi

I should have bought echo Stars stock not their satellite!

Yeah I don’t have much trouble with streaming over AT&t. I have to reboot my modem every now and then. But since I use shield pro now I don’t have to do that as often.

I got one of those $12 (Amazon) digital socket timers to turn my modem off for a half hour at 3am. TXron to thank for that one.


Yes but my VPN since it’s surfshark can’t be guaranteed to come back on!

That’s a good idea. I shall probably order one myself now, seems I always forget to reboot occasionally.

Hello all. Is there an issue with Surfshark??

ironic as it is, I’ve been a follower of TROY for a very, very long time. I typically stay on the outskirts and drop in here and read every once in a while, but ironically again, I decided to log on todayvand to give my two cents of my experience with Surfshark.

To cut to the chase, I’ve tried Nord, it was boo-boo. I tried IP vanish it was boo-boo. Both of them had ridiculously slow speeds and I sat on with tech with both companies and ended up canceling both of them. I’ve been running with scissors with no VPN for a very long time but obviously I realize the heat is on and it’s getting hotter as each day, week, month goes by. ultimately I decide to go with Surfshark and I have to say on both devices it’s been impeccable. I am rockin Stremio, and also a paid IPT service and I’ve had zero issues. I actually just got Stremio installed and I’ve been walking on eggshells for a couple of weeks. LOL :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m not a paid person to advertise Surfshark at all, but I did want to give my two cents. i’m pretty damn impressed.

In question to the OP, you mentioned it was turned off? Can you elaborate a little bit.

Check with your modem and router admin menu - some routers, like Asus, have a setting baked in where you can schedule device reboots.

I have mine set to reboot ever other day in the middle of the night.

Is that a reboot/restart or does it actually shut down all power the same as unplugging.

If it is just a reboot most cable companies have an app that will allow you to do that remotely from anywhere in the world. I have had both Comcast and Spectrum and used their mobile apps all the time.

Btw, if you go the plug timer route. Then get a mechanical timer plug because a wifi one will only be able to turn off but not turn back on without wifi being connected.

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I imagine it’s the equivalent of a soft reboot - different than that of a real unplug, allowing for the device board to power purge.

True, some apps do allow for a remote command to soft reboot - however, it’s more convenient if your device setup menu allow for you to create scheduled reboots. Soft reboots should clear memory buffers, which is one of the bigger benefits of doing such.

Senior moment… What does turning off the modem for 30 minutes accomplish? Can I do the same thing by turning off the router for a period of time? Thanks

3.5 seems to have solved some of the issues FOR ME of which included lackluster speeds with SS on, taking forever to connect/reconnect and on my phone websites giving me a puzzle to solve.