Is the Onn 4K Pro actually a better deal than the Chromecast with Google TV?

I have a nice home for those shields if ya wanna part with em lol,no sense in letting them collect dust.


I can tell you Im well satisfied with the $ 19.00 Onn, but cant comment on the $ 50.00 one.

I’m moved from my firestick to the 4kPro. Works fine, no issues with any apps except some apps for the firestick are not available for this device. The remote can be tricky especially with fat fingers. The disadvantage is the remote doesn’t allow control of my satellite. Nor can I change the input with a voice command.


You can use an app called LocalSend. Its available on both devices. I use it to transfer all my apps from my 4k max to my new ONN 4k Pro device. Both devices must be on same wifi network. It was somewhat easy to use. Here’s a screenshot of the app.


I don’t like the ONN remote either. But, its going to take me a little time to get use to it. I’m still using my 4k Max as my main device.

Happy Streaming


I have a better home home for them…and a college fund.
)Sorry teehar(

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Gonna try that app.

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You cannot download Flixvision to the Onn Box. I tried it several times and it says its a dangerous app.

Did you turn off Play protect and app scanning?


How to Disable Play Protect on Android TV & Google TV (

I am using 2 Onn 4k pro boxes in the UK following a stay in the US.
One on a 65" Sony Bravia works good, screen size configuration perfect.
The other is on a 50" Samsung where the picture is over sized and I can’t find a solution on how to configure the screen to the correct size within the Onn box like you can with the Firestick.
Anybody else with that problem or know how to correct it?

Lots are having this issue. Haven’t seen a solution yet.

I dont have a solution but questions.

Have you tried to switch the Onn Pros with the tvs and switch the hdmi cables also? Any difference?

My Samsung tv works perfect with the onn pro. Did you make sure your tv settings are correct?

I have no idea how electronics differ from US to UK (or if they do) so maybe there is an issue with compatibility.

I have had this issue on two older TVs but not on a few newer ones. I have tried all the settings on both box and wasn’t sure if the TV age and there being some sort of compatibility issue

Have you looked into your TV setting? some TV have a setting to adjust your screen size
I had 2 older TV’s and only one had this option so the other one I have to live with it until I hope there comes an update from Onn to correct this

I will try that. Thanks and hav
e a good day.