Is the Onn 4K Pro actually a better deal than the Chromecast with Google TV?


I never thought this was even a question lol.

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For now the Onn 4k pro is ahead of Google Chromecast.Will be very interesting to see how the next gen Chromecast specs are.


Hi @TXRon,

Well, I’ve used the ONN 4K Pro over the past couple weeks. I love the additional storage. But, I really hate the remote. To be honest I perfer my 4K Max firestick. But, had to try something new due Amazon device resrictions.

All in all I’m a creature of habit, and might just need to give the ONN 4K Pro more time.



It will get better,…Ask Miki the once Firestick King…somehow adopted to a Shield :joy:



You are so right. I should have replaced both firesticks. I still use my 4K Max as my main device downstairs. I just love the remote functions on 4k Max.


It wasn’t easy. I looked for counseling but couldn’t afford it. So it was a week in a straight jacket. The worst part was the shakes. My remote thumb would go into spasms and I refused to take drugs. It wasn’t pretty.


Try to pair the 4K Maxx remote to the onn box

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Unfortunately, I don’t have an extra 4K Max remote. That box is downstairs. Should I try to pair the straight 4k to the ONN box?

Once it’s paired to the Wally box it won’t work on any other box I don’t think, has to be a 4K Maxx too I believe, the earlier fire stick remote won’t work.

I really like my Onn 4K compared to my firestick, but I can not figure out how to get my Sling TV installed on it.

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It’s in the google play store isn’t it?

Stream Live TV on Google TV & Android Devices | Sling TV

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Anyone else seeing the $20 Onn box out of stock? Won’t even ship it to me. I have a couple of secondary TV’s that I didn’t really need the $50 Onn Pro for. Wondering if it’s just out of stock now if it they’re going to just sell the $15 stick and push everyone else to the Pro. Kinda doesn’t make sense to sell the $15 stick and the $20 box.

onn. Google TV 4K Streaming Box (New, 2023), 4K UHD Resolution -

You might be looking at the older model, not the newer 2023 model. It says my Walmart has this box in stock.

Yes it is in google play store and I have it on my firestick. But when I ask google to install it on my Onn, it says it isn’t available on my TV?? But it’s the same TV as my firestick uses? So I know it’s possible, I just don’t know how to do it.Do you think I could use downloader? Maybe I will try that. Thank you for your help.

i googled it and found lot’s of places to download the apk…then sideload it to your box using a usb stick

download sling tv apk - Google Search

Literally piles of them at the local walmart.They have them and the sticks in one of those misc.boxes in the middle of the aisle.

That’s good. Hopefully they’ll be back in stock soon locally. Thanks.

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Thank you so much for all your help. I will try that. Thanks again!


Im a little confused (it happens to me a lot lol), your onn shouldnt say it isnt available for your tv. It would say it isnt compatible with your device. But we know it is available and compatible. I checked my Onn 4k (non pro) and it is in the playstore.

Did you try to download it onto your smart tv? Maybe that is why is said it isnt available.

Just a thought.