Is Strix a valid app?

I have 3 fire cube units and I installed Strix 1.1.5 (it says NEW) on them, added real-debrid…but when i bring them up I get a blank screen on movies. The only section that seems to work is adult and I am not interested in these offerings.

Is this a valid app or should I just remove it? I really use Cinema and Syncler most so Strix is not an important app to me…Your advice is much appreciated!

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Hi @sdd
Give Seren a try, along with your real-debrid

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Syncler plus with realdebrid would be better than strix.

Same issue I’ve always had. The only section that ever worked was porn. Others were able to use it all, but no matter which one I downloaded and installed porn was all that worked. I even added RD but nada.

When Strix wont let you see… turn to BeeTV!


if you are looking for porn zenon plus has more than any other place i have seen

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Ya know, I have never been a fan of Strix, because most of the time it would only play porn hub junk. Although, I haven’t used in in probably about year. So your post peaked my curiosity. Guess what? I tested out about a couple of dozen channels from the US, UK, & CA folders and to my surprise every single channel I tried booted up quickly and played the content. I checked various channels ranging from national networks, news, sports, movie, and tv shows and they all worked just fine. Now if this developer would be consistent with the quality of feeds. Then this app could be very good. Now that you got me curious. I will be monitoring this over the next several days and weeks. If it holds out. Then this app could very well become a keeper. I only tested the Live TV section. I did a brief exam of Movies and TV showz, but since I do not RD installed on this app I did not get very good results. I will install RD and then see if there is a major improvement. If there is a significant improvement in all sections of the app. Then this app will get promoted back up into my favorites.

Btw, I was going to delete the app, but when I took it off my favorites I totally forgot about it until your post. I actually hope they got their act together and make this a decent app to have in your lineup.

**UPDATE:**Since you got my curiosity peaked. I went ahead and loaded RD onto Strix. I got a lot more links to be able to view the content. I had success on almost every movie and TV show I tried. Not nearly as many links as what you get in Syncler or Cinema, but never-the-less, the links scraped did work. I didn’t anyway in settings to change how the links appear. I would like to have the quality and size be offered as a way to list the links. All-in-all, I have to admit, for right now the app is a keeper, but time will be be the true test!

Btw, I would strongly suggest downloading the ad free version of the app. The ads are annoying. I have: V1.1.6


Use strictly 19.0 works well on movies.

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Ya know, this Strix thing is somewhat of a head scratcher. I have V1.1.6 installed and seems to work fine. I have download other versions such as the one you have; 19.0. What I don’t get is these versions of these apps are totally different. Indeed, it’s difficult to know who is the legitimate developer of this app. I thought Wardy was the real dev because that is the version of the app on Google Play, but I am not sure and totally confused. My V1.1.6 I like because you actually have some settings you can tweak to your liking. The entire layout of 1.1.6 vs 19.0 is totally different from each other. So which is the official real app?

Took me many months to accidentally stumble on the 19.0 version,almost threw in the preferred app 19.0 works great on my firestick.real-debrid of course a plus.

I’m on 19 and don’t have any of those icons. You must be in Live TV and for me Strix never shows any links for live tv and the only links that populate for movies or TV Shows are RD. No Live TV or Sports.

I got the pic from the net, but that is how the 19.0 looks when you boot it up. The 1.1.6 boots up with a blank screen . Once you click on something that’s when the posters will populate. The 1.1.6 will show a side screen on the left for countries and some categories. What I like about the 1.1.6 is is the ability to do more stuff with the app. This app is from the same site as in Troypoint vid.

Btw, not really all that impressed with Strix on any app. The pic quality is not always good. There is a lot of issues with feeds dropping and looping. As far as their VOD Movies and TV shows there are no categories to pick from. So you either just surf the screen, or do a search if you know the name. Syncler and Cinema are light years ahead of Strix.

Their app is limited and at best shaky. I will continue to test it for the remainder of the week. If I don’t see some real improvement. Then I will uninstall the app. So far it is just to problematic with poor quality streaming. I guess if this was my only option then I would make do, but I have tons more apps and iptv services at my disposal. This one just doesn’t seem to cut it…at least for me.

Like I said, I will give it a few more days, but at present it doesn’t look good for Strix to be taking up space on my device.

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Ya my Strix doesn’t look like that when you open it. I’m deleting it.


thank you…not looking for porn…just good movies…i just installed syncler w/real debrid.

thank you … i am doing the same…i just installed syncler w/real debrid works great!

thank you…doing the same. i just installed syncler w/real debrid works great!

thank you…i am deleting it. i just installed syncler w/real debrid works great!

thank you…deleting strix. i just installed syncler w/real debrid works great!

thank you. deleting strix. i just installed syncler w/real debrid works great! i also installed seren.

thank you.deleted strix. i just installed syncler w/real debrid works great!