Is Streaming Illegal in the United States? What You Need to Know

Is Streaming illegal? This is a question we frequently receive through messages and comments on the TROYPOINT website.

If streaming is illegal in the United States, then why do ISPs advertise the ability to stream and download at certain speeds using their so-called high speed internet??? :thinking:

You can’t have it both ways.

I have a question. Is it legal to spy on citizens? Why dont we address that. Is there not bigger fish to fry than people watching tv? All the corruption going on in the world and lets go after them tv watchers. gimme a break.




Alot of things the governments on both sides of the pool do extremely illgeal activities while also breaking your rights.

Its not illgeal to stream period. If the content you are watching is “stolen” or “pirated” thats not anyones fault aside from the person who is making it available, example: developers who allow there app to be used in a way that does this or torrent sites or what not. This isnt some crime of the century… its only happening because we pay to much to have limited options while lobbyists and governments allowed big tech giants to baisclly set their own pricing… there is nothing that states they should cap there monthly price points… they allowe them to do what they want with their services… its disgusting.

But on topic here, its not illgeal. If youbare not distributing content that you didnt have permission to do then you are not at fualt. Remember that.


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