Is NVIDIA Shield still the best?

I used a file manager one time to give a partition to external flash drive at 50/50 and also 9010. That’s before them 4K Maxx came out. And you’re right it’s another learning curve. I’m pretty content with what I got right now. Thanks.

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Goin try Formuler

I like my Nvidia Sheild alot but once in a while I get an app that will not load on it . Believe it or not I couldn’t load Pluto TV on it . Even talked to their tec support an they couldn’t figure it out but it loaded on my $19 Onn box just fine . The new Cinema update wont load ether . All I get is the opening logo . It’s a good box but way from perfect for me .

Hey @scooterboy952 I just add the M3U8 into my TiViMate and that works. I can PM you the URL. Just let me know what country or countries you want or if you need the Kodi one. FYI last updated March 24

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I hated Nvidia Shield. It was always locking up. VPN wouldn’t work. Couldn’t download apks. Moved to firestick and cube, issues gone.
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Hey @Miki,
Does your Pluto TV m3u8 have the Godzilla channel? It’s noticeably absent from my IPTV’s Pluto channels.

I can’t honestly say. I never use PlutoTV anymore. I have a paid sub.


Why wouldn’t someone just buy a $300 device and have the bells and whistles for a 5 year minimum, everyone is already saving from the cable and satellite charges that everyone used to pay. Shouldn’t be that hard. Paying under $100 and asking for that little device to keep up with live streaming and VOD is kinda stretching it. Pick your battles, get a shield or cube and call it a day.


Right on! It was insane what I was paying, monthly, for cable before I got my first FireStick. Justification for the Shield Pro even though I’m basically a simple streamer. No games, no recording, just streams. The cost of the Shield was a bit less than the monthly cost for cable. Add in the cost of gig speed fiber and I am still ahead.


I agree with you, for sure. I have always felt that I have a lot of wiggle room with cost when I first started this hobby. That wiggle room should allow us to splurge a bit to get what we truly want and that performs the best. I would be paying $150/month minimum for cable, I am WAY under that with my current setups.

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Internet, Cable, 2 phones $340/mth in Canada.


I have the Godzilla channel the 24/7 channel

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Although my low budget Alibaba IPTV has quite a few 24/7 channels, there is no Godzilla channel.
Pluto has a pretty decent one albeit with commercials.

Mine’s number one on Troy’s list. I got it for 120 year half price Black Friday.

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I’ve been using three of the ONN streaming boxes during my first venture into streaming video, and they have been good and solid! I like to use Tivimate or Sparkle as my player(s) of choice, but my sweetheart likes Startup Show/Playberry better (go figure). They do a good job on the 30-40" TVs, and maybe less so on the 65" 4K set in the living room with the nice sound system but still… for $20 each, who’s complaining.

I’ve had a few Amazon gift cards burning a hole in my e-pocket, so after shopping and reading reviews for a bit I went for a new Nvidia Shield Pro with all the cool AI upscaling and such a few days ago. It showed up pretty quickly, and since I had my list of apps handy and had saved copies of my Tivimate and Sparkle config files so I could just restore those, I just jumped in and got after making the switch. I finished the basics pretty quickly, but it took a lot longer to work through the intricacies of the interface with the sound bar and the CEC/ARC/HDMI/fiber/bluetooth stuff. I got all that settled down to at least a workable if not fully optimized state… and (way too late to crank up the volume) I tried it all out.

First thing… the video quality! Nvidia’s AI elves did a really nice job on this. Looking at some streaming network sports, the video on my 65" LED was pretty impressive. Makes me wish I had sprung for the OLED… maybe next time. There are a lot of available tweaks, but for the most part the out-of-the-box defaults were just fine. Can’t say that the user interface is entirely intuitive… but it gets the job done.

I shopped several of the streaming boxes in the same general price class as the Nvidia Shield Pro, but picked it because it seems to have become the “gold standard”, with a really loyal user base. I can see why.


Looks like you got your own base now, man I’m jealous. LOL

As an alternative. You can buy a used PC for $100 that can run as a server in your network. Good use for PLEX and NEXTPVR and SMB server.

But Nvidia Shield Pro with android 9 may still be better at $200. Get a good additional warranty. It’s adaptable.

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Mines up to Version 11 with Shield Android TV SW Version 9.1.1(

Has anybody lately had problems with recording on Shield Pro using tivi mate. Like the recording just cutting off for no reason. Or the fast forward mechanisms all screwed up on the player and when you go to MX Pro it actually shows some buffering going on. When you guys change channels on your Shield Pro to the channel activate right away or is there a few seconds of buffering before the channel activates do you see the buffer wheel for a couple seconds before it activates.
I’m going to do some testing and I’ve done this before in the past about a year right after I got my show Pro, between my fire stick 4K and my shield Pro between buffering, recording, and when the show activates or when the channel activates how long the buffing wheel will stays on. Then later I’ll discuss this. Stay tuned LOL

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Agreed with Miki the remote seems subpar at best on the shield. Upscaling is great but I watch mostly 4k content so it is not noticable on my TV.