Is Kodi Legal? Everything You Need to Know And How To Use Kodi Legally

Originally published at: Is Kodi Legal? Here is the Answer and Everything You Need to Know

Since its debut as XBMC in 2002, Kodi has become one of the most popular choices for home media entertainment. It has continually added supported plugins from audio, video, and image formats to weather forecasts and third-party offerings. Many have shown concerns about the legality of streaming using this free and open-source media player. TROYPOINT…


This is an excellent compilation of info regarding kodi by troypoint. Thanks for reposting.

A commentary regarding popular streaming apps like cinema, cyberflix, morph and others would also useful. They also scrape websites like kodi does and post similar disclaimers about not hosting content. As would be a discussion per the legality of free and budget IPTV services. I’ve come across conflicting reports as with kodi…"they’re illegal, they’re not illegal, some are, some aren’t depending on certain practices, it’s okay for the user because the provider is the one under scrutiny, it depends on what country you live in) and so on. So many gray areas…I obsessively make sure my VPN is on at all times and every member of my household has been trained to do likewise. In the two years since I cut the cord, only once has someone streamed without IPVanish turned on. This person happened to be using streamio which uses torrents. Within 3 weeks, I received a DMCA letter from my ISP. Lesson learned. Streaming aside, I do not want my online activities monitored for any reason.


I agree… knowledge is power and it would offer reassurance to those of us that have (for now ) left kodi alone and only use a paid IPTV service and stand alone apps such as cinema HD. A commentary on their legality would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks