Is Legit?

I was just searching for Aliunde. This came up and resembles Troypoint. Is this legit? I am a loyal Troypoint follower

This has been brought up before. This site steals everything @TROYPOINT puts on his site.


Thank you for your quick response. I did not realize this and as a well, the site tried to download Malware on my computer. Lucky I have a detecter for that. Terrible that they have copied. Troypoint is the best and we are so fortunate to have Troy

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Yes, they copy and then get paid for every click on every ad on their site!

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We hired an outfit out of India for help with our TROYPOINT website years ago. They ended up cloning our site and now copy everything that we put out.

Bet you’ll never do that again :laughing:

I thought only the Chinese did that!

its a bit of a copy stick to original you wont go wrong