FYI - is NOT us and is a Fraud Website

We’ve received many comments lately asking if we run Firesticktricks and the answer is NO.

This website is a complete fraud that copies ALL of our hard work. Yes, their website looks similar because they copied us.

They are also full of misinformation as we pointed out yesterday -

We recommend avoiding them at all costs. This will save you hours of time in your cord-cutting journey. Thanks everyone!


Thank you @TP-Ryan for this info. I just want to add any one using there links will be removed. They are not welcome on this site, please be advised of the above comment.

Thank you everyone for joning us at troy and thank you troy team for your hard work.


they have a facebook group and they are really rude to you if you breathe the words troypoint


Question. Is IPTVwire a Troypoint site? Reason I ask is they look quite a bit alike and common content.
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No outside links like that to be posted please and thank you.


Hi there, no this appears to be another copycat site…


Found that out many moons ago…the hard way. Now they are blocked.


Thanks for the headsup on the fraud


I’m so glad this was finally discovered. I noticed the similarities and wanted to know if Troypoint had additional sites. I’ve avoided them because I suspected they were copycats. Good to know. Keep up the great work


Well I once heard, Imitation is most sincerest form of flattery -that mediocrity can pay to greatness. :v: but ladida, I believe in lawyers. Especially if they’re hurting your supporters or other cable cutters… I’ll be here all week, if you need any more inspirational quotes… :smile: have fun and always stand up for yourself.


I have to admit i strayed away from TroyPoint and did visit that place, but i didnt know any better.That was before my first Jail break/side load.I saw right away where i wanted to make my home on this subject,and that was a green horn seeing the difference in quality info. A person can depend on the information they read or get at TroyPoint. I cant say that about the other place. Good info on the subjects here, very hard to find. Thanks to everyone here for sharing knowledge and the biggest Thank You to TroyPoint. Everyone has been helpful.
Antonioxo :beers: :v:


TP team, although the topic is somewhat hard to follow however if there is no affiliation between Troypoint and IPTV Wire then they continue to use your video tutorials in their “push” articles. I received one today and TP’s how to Jailbreak a Firestick was embedded (wont include the link due to the rules of the forum)

Although at one point I was under the impression both sites were “working together” in some form/fashion which is how I discovered their website/content.


Thanks for the heads up @emcpheet we will take a look.

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