Ipvanish slows down speed

Ip vanish slows down my speed by almost 50%

What to do !

Welcome to the VPN world. Hate to be harsh but that’s what happens.

Get another company. Me and many others have had the same problem. In my opinion i think Troy is making a pretty penny promoting this crappy VPN company. I even worked with their crew back and forth at least 6 times. Change this, change that, do this, do that. They even gave up and told me there was nothing else they could do so they suggested to me to find another VPN. So i did, i got PIA and have had no problems except for once when they were upgrading. That was to be expected, and have had it over a year.

only option is to change the location and see if that works…

A good vpn service, along with at least 200 mbs internet speed should be able to produce between 50 - 75 mbs VPN download speeds and 15 - 20 mbs upload speeds. This will be good enough to stream in HD without freeze ups or buffering. Express VPN and Nord VPN Are very good in this regard and very stable. Express VPN, while not cheap and limited to 5 connections, has excellent maintenance and is very easy to use.

I know, personally I switch over to Nord VPN. I do not understand why Troypoint keeps pushing this VPN service.

Only money in his pocket makes sense. I have been with Troy for a while, and at first he was a very big help. It seemed like he cared about his customers, but now he has this part of it where we talk to each other to try to solve problems while he just sits back and collects money. When we have a problem we have to try to solve it if we can, does anyone actually hear from the man making all the money?


Pretty bad when buckshot3 comment gets flagged for stating his opinion. I guess you can’t question Troypoint. This place used to be great, now it’s getting to be 2nd rate.

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Anyone tried Sharksurf VPN ?
Supposed to be very fast & cheap,1.69 euros/month.
I might give it a try when my IP Vanish finishes this month.

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That used to happen to me regularly with IPVanish. sometimes as much as 70%… I changed to NORD. No problems with NORD in nearly two years, but there are no guarantees with any provider. Best of luck to you. I know how frustrating that slow service can be.

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I’ve been using Surfshark for over a year and am very satisfied with them, and the price is right.

OK Thanks mate,I shall give them a go.
IP Vanish expires in a couple of weeks.

Hello @richlibel65 and @buckshot3 I’ve gone over this over and over again. You will always see a decrease in download speed when using any type of VPN. All you need is 25 to stream 4K video. Guys, I know there are other VPNs out there and you should feel free to use them if you aren’t happy with IPVanish. Personal preference. Just like those who argue about Android Boxes vs. Fire TV devices. IPVanish provides a 30 day money-back guarantee so if you don’t like it, try something else. I see the same complaining about all of the other VPNs. There won’t be a perfect VPN until they can get this Wireguard protocol where it needs to be so it increases speeds substantially on Android. I get 60 Mbps dl on my Fire TV Stick 4K and much better on my Shield. I don’t need any more speed than that to stream something that requires 10 to 25. Also, please note that anyone can flag a comment and that’s the beauty of this system. Comment will be restored.

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This is only my opinion.

Like i said just my opinion. But apparently also the opinion of IP Vanish as i said i went back and forth with them about 6 times or more with my roughly 40 mgs of speed, and they could not solve my slow speeds while using IP Vanish so they recommended that i to go to another VPN which i did and that solved the problem.

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If you have read past posts over the last few months a lot of us have switched over with other VPN services that ARE performing better than IP Vanish. The problem is this site keeps recommending IP Vanish which is problematic for the new comers into the cord cutting arena. It just seems like a disservice to them in particular.

When I first cut the cord, I learned most of what I know now because of Troypoint and I thank you for providing your guides and this forum, but I think you are creating a problem sticking by IP Vanish without explanation. I don’t see only pushing Cinema, Sportz TV or Firesticks. You have always given your pros and cons on all other products fairly. The same should be done on VPN services to be fair unless you’re paid to promote IP Vanish, which is OK by me and probably everyone else. Just admit it if that’s the case and move on instead of blindly only supporting them.

Yes, we do receive affiliate commissions which is outlined at the top of every post on our site at troypoint.com and you will also find our affiliate disclaimer link in the footer as well. If IPVanish was so bad I highly doubt that they would have a 4 star rating with over 27,000 votes on Amazon. We can also become affiliates of other VPN businesses as well but again, I’m promoting something that I trust and works great for me. We may expand in the future but for now would rather focus on the cord cutting tutorials. Thanks for your comments.

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IPvanish was horrible with loss of speed. I changed over tp expressvpn a few weeks ago and all is good

Just did a quick check of the Play Store reviews of IP Vanish so far for September 2020. 29% were 1 star reviews. The percentage would be higher if you look at 3 stars or less. You can’t realistically quote a 4 star rating on 27,000 reviews as a benchmark that encompasses a review of the product since it’s launch.

The problem you are ignoring is the drop in performance in IP Vanish over the past year and especially in the last 6 months. A true analysis of how product is performing is to monitor the month to month performance…basic marketing 101 concept.

There’s nothing wrong with supporting a company as an affiliate, just pick a better one that puts its customers first. I really started to doubt IP Vanish when they started offering deeply discounted prices for new customers, but leaving their current ones paying the same.

90% of our users use Fire TV products and that is why I was referring to Amazon App Store rankings. I just did a speed test on my NVIDIA SHIELD with IPVanish on and got 90Mbps dl speed. So those complaining on Android devices are probably running systems with such low processing power, no VPN will work. Regarding the pricing, I always recommend that existing customers reach out to support and ask for the current promo to be added to the end of their current plan. Just saw a comment on our last YouTube video (MECOOL setup video) from a lady who did just that and got the current $39 12-month plan. This is like arguing about apples and oranges. IPVanish comes with unlimited devices, is less expensive than Express and torrent support is better for those who download as they also provide Socks5 proxy where I don’t believe Express does. I’m sure there are a few benefits that Express has that IPV doesn’t. I appreciate your passion about this subject but disagree with you that it is an inferior product.