IPVanish Buffering

i have been using IP Vanish for a couple of years now , but lately it’s been acting up , i have been getting alot of buffering that i never got before, i’m not a rookie at this been doing it for awhile, can any one reccomend a different VPN ,one that works and easy to use, thanks in advance…

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I’ve been with IPV for quite awhile and not had a lot of issues. But more recently it seems that during the weekends and holidays the speed really drops per Analiti. More folks using the system I suppose.

I mostly watch anything later in the evening so it’s not all that bad. Before I start watching anything, I run Analiti and it it’s below 60 Mbps I go to the option to where I can look at available servers which lists their percent usage. I don’t depend on “Fastest Available” option.


I do the same thing you do but it still keeps on buffering been using them for about 2 years and the last past 6 months I’ve had this problem thank you for getting back to me I appreciate it I guess I have to look for another VPN something more reliable

I use surf shark right now but I think next time I’ll go to the express VPN.

Overall I’ve been satisfied with IPV. I have several months left on my sub. So I will look into Express as AJS1 suggested, and of course Surf Shark.

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My SS issues still remain to this day. I did switch over a year ago to Express and it never failed me. I’ve tried so many to tinker around with. One I tried but stopped due to lack of features on Android TVOS was Proton. Due to using more of their products and going to their unlimited plan along with a conversation with @Miki I put Proton on 2 boxes to test and I think I’m pushing 2 weeks with it running without one issue. Really impressed with it on the TVOS version. No issues with the Wife using Netflix or Grandson using Hulu and not being split tunneled. I do have our Nighthawk Orbi MR60 setup to notify when unencrypted traffic is being sent and have not had 1 alert.

The ProtonVPN just works, but I’m still extremely disappointed in their lack of cooperation in coding in access to the full spectrum of options on streaming devices. They can do it on Samsung phones and tablets as well as Pixel ones but not on a nVidia pro, MeCools, Firesticks and on and on. A real shame and now their latest update has removed the ability of a user to choose their level of protection in the Netshield module. Not an improvement.

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Thanks for being a loyal IPVanish user! Bummer to hear you’re running into buffering issues lately. We definitely want to help get that sorted out.

Could you shoot us an email at management@ipvanish.com with a few details?

  • Which server location you usually connect to.
  • The device you’re using IPVanish with.
  • If you’ve tried any troubleshooting yourself.

We’ll take a look and try to get you back to smooth streaming ASAP!

The IPVanish Team


Well…its certainly nice to see a vendor presence here.


It would be nicer to see some discounts :grin:. My subscription renews in a few weeks…just saying :smile:.

I will say that my Nvidia shield tv pro (3 rooms away) gets much better speeds than my Onn 4k box (same room). I’m guessing the device plays a big roll.

If using WiFi check your signal strength using a WiFi analyzer to determine if your WiFi module/antenna is working properly. It should be -30dBm to -90dBm. -30 is a perfect signal while -90 is no signal. A good signal is -37 to -57.

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yes it is, that alone is enough to persuade me to give ipvanish a try


The wifi adapter in each device certainly plays a factor in throughput speeds. Also consider if both devices are connected using the same wifi bands.

Shield Pro has 11ac and 2x2 mimo. Onn has 11ac and some level of mimo also. Antenna grade can be different.

If you’re within line of site and less than say 30 ft from the modem then the 5GHz band is best. The 2.4GHz band goes through certain obstructions better as well. You can also check on the channel you’re using and see if your neighbours or others are interfering. For instance, I checked mine and found that most of my neighbours were on channels 36 to 50 but none on 100 to 155 so I set mine to 136. And lastly try to get your modem up higher and not inside a cupboard or on a lower shelf.


Not sure about finding those #s but using analiti. They both get thick green check marks for wifi strength and speed all the way to 4k gaming.

But my Nvidia gets over 100 Mbps with or without IPVANISH and my Onn gets 100+ vs 45/50ish with IPV off/on. And the Onn is very close to the router.

Ok ya kinda lost me. The Shield is a gig switch so my service is rated 150MBs down and I use ethernet on it and get all of that. Yours gets 100+ which is fantastic. Now you say the ONN gets 100+ then you say vs 45/50ish. So that I don’t understand what you’re saying. Now as mentioned if you check the signal strength, the Shield has a more powerful WiFi antenna/module so that’s probably why it maybe farther away but give you a better signal.

I was saying 100+ (ipv off)vs. 45/50ish (ipv on) with my Onn.

I know Nvidia is a better device that was my point on the initial post. Even though my Nvidia is much farther away than the Onn it still gets much better speeds using IPV.

No complaints just making my personal observation.

Oh no, I didn’t think you were complaining at all. I was just providing additional info that can help understand and analyze WiFi conditions and things that can be done to improve them overall. Have a wonderful day. FYI my speed never drops with the VPN on, on any of my devices.

Been a IPV subscriber for several years now, since nord went to hot garbage. I do change servers often and occasionally have to change ports or protocols for the best results during some rare occasions. It its usually pretty rock solid.

I get 150-180mbps most of the time, with spectrum that is “supposed” to be 300… I own my own gigabit router and modem, but never see 300 even with the vpn off.

Could be your ISP also, as a vpn is only as good as the signal it receives. Crap in = crap out…

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nord or express vpn what one is better
thank you