IPVanish Buffering

Haven’t tried either one. I’ve only used IPV and SS. My next one will be express.

I know you asked @AJS1 but thought I would pop in and say I’ve had both of the ones you ask about and they were both good, but personally I prefered ExpressVPN due to an excellent customer service, more servers and more locations, as well as better speeds.

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My IPVanish hasn’t given me any issues I’ve been using it for about 4+ years great service on all my devices :+1:t4::+1:t4:


Your cable provider is probably throttling you. I get 500 mps and i see some buffering. When using real debrid, no buffering at all.

I had the same problems so I switched to SurfShark. Its superior to ipvanish

Long time customer. Very nice to see you here & caring! I too have buffer issues at times (I check by disconnecting and there’s no buffer), but my squelch is I’ll be connected to one of your servers and then that server loses the IP address…consequently my IPTV connection will drop. Second squelch is I was promised a lifetime set fee about 4 yrs back and now I’m being charged a higher annual. I love the newly added feature of on-screen connection notification.

@JHawk we’ll be happy to look into this for you as well! Can you drop us a line to management@ipvanish.com, include your account email as well as the device you’re using. It would also be helpful to mention this thread. We look forward to hearing from you.


@IPVanish Thank you very much for your response. I will reach out as soon as I’m back in state, as I’m presently away on an IT project. Again thank you!

Well i was having a problem with the speed when i hooked up my Onn box but it has gotten so much better.

Usually have 100+ mps w/o ipv and was getting 45ish mps when i set up the Onn box. Now i am getting 80ish with IPV running. I didn’t change anything.

I guess the box might have been running in the background affecting the speed.

Now I know its capabilities with my Onn ill keep an eye on it.