Iptv smarters pro not working

I cant get any channels to work all channels say no programme found what could the problem be its on a firestick 4k

Hey @wiz181 Where did the playlist you put in the smarters player come from… IPTV service or something else? Please don’t mention the name if iptv service.

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Welcome to the community.

Iptv smaters is just the player, you need to speak with your iptv provider.

Welcome! Throw some From this post in to see if they work for you

No there is something sinister going on with the latest update. I have an IPTV service that is doing the same on the max, works on every other device except the firestick max. My friend is having the same problem. It is not service related but specific to the firesticks.

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Interesting. Thanks for bringing that information forward

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Yeah it is so weird. I’m trying to figure out why it is stick specific. I have three other friends same thing. Two are back up now all of a sudden after multiple reboots.

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