IPTV links not updating

Hey guys,

Just wondering why this one has stopped updating
Also none of the Free2view links seem to work anymore


Because the individual that uploaded the full link to cutt.ly has decided to remove it. Without the original full m3u url link there’s nothing anyone can do, so effectively it’s gone. Free2view also decided to alter their link without notice. I’ll see if I can find the latest working link if one exists. So turns out the free2view developer has closed down the project after openly admitting pirating Roku links.
Have fun and STREAM ON

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Thanks for the info .


Are there any links that you can share besides the GitHub ones?

Thanks Miki!

What specifically are you looking for? If you do a search for m3u you’ll find the links for just about every good free playlist. Samsung, Samsung+, Redbox, Stirr, Pluto, Roku and on and on.

I’d like to find one that has more regional local channels if possible. There’s a few on the GitHub lists but it’s pretty limited. Most are really low resolution too… 768x432 etc…

Btw, the combined list I mentioned earlier is still working on tivimate, just not updating and no EPG

Do you mean like NBC, CBS, and Fox regionals?
Make your own m3u list of whatever ones you want.

Yes the individual URLs for channels will still be active, but not much good unless you want to spend hours adding the proper EPGs for each channel.

Yeah regional local network channels and the AOT Channels like MEEV, COZI, HEARTLAND etc
Thanks Miki

You’re welcome. Go to that iptv cat link I gave you. Find and add whatever channels you want. When done download your m3u name it whatever you want and then add it into TiViMate the same as any other playlist m3u.
Have fun and STREAM ON.

Sorry… I meant to say METV… dang autocorrect

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Ok I’ll try that. Thanks again

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I found the full DrS link on a the site that’s out of New Zealand, but it didn’t work either when I tried that a few days ago.

Yep. Thanks for the reply.

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tx for the info. That means he’s decided to discontinue the playlist. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

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F2V and DeltaSr shut down operations on June 22, 2022, because they were given a notice to Cease and Desist.


They went private using an alias.

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Tx for the info. I knew f2v was in trouble a few months back and might go with a password only option. Shame really, but like so many things in this hobby, things are getting tighter and fewer options.

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I don’t know about F2V, but DeltaSr stuff is still up and running, but the playlist and epg won’t update. I guess I could go through and manually assign individual epgs to the stations I have in my favorites, but tbh, I have rarely used F2V or DeltaSr playlists.

Imho, DeltaSr playlist and epg were far superior to the F2V stuff. Unfortunately, for DeltaSr he hitched his wagon to the F2V horse and got caught-up in F2V’s problems.

Most of the stuff those 2 had are readily available as individual playlists. I just liked how DeltaSr organized it into a one stop shop.

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