iPhone Xr vs. Galaxy S10+

Just wondering which one would you buy? The Apple iPhone Xr or the Samsung Galaxy S10+ ?

@bennievcrowell Funny you should mention this. I just got the S10+. Sitting in the box ready to be opened but I don’t have any time to open it:) Will get to it in the next few days and will try to get a review out. This will replace a $100 Blu smartphone that I have had for over 3 years so I am sure I will notice a “boost” in performance. I’ve never been an Apple fan so you don’t want my opinions on iPhone.

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@TROYPOINT I am so glad you see the light. I had the S10+ the first day it was released because I pre-paid. You won’t be disappointed. I need someone to talk with online as all my friends are Apple fanboys. They have no idea what they are missing.

If you are writing a review, tell users to hit the “Build” section of About Phone several times for 5 t0 8 times. Then you get Developer Options on the setup menu at the bottom. Then go down a ways to Animation. Change from the default 1 second to .5 (point five) second and it will increase your apparent speed or turn off animations completely to get better performance. Thanks!

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Never been a iPhone fan either, Apple has been ripping their customers off for years. I’ve had my S10 now for 6 weeks and love it.

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@richlibel65 You’re like me. Had to have it. Got it the first day because I pre-paid. Love the phone! Thanks for the support of the Galaxy line. Best phones in the business!

I was a former user of Samsung’s phones but decided to try out the IOS. At first I was ready to exchange my Apple and go back to the Samsung. In a way I am glad I didn’t. IOS is a whole new world and once you get the hang of it I really am happy I stuck it out. I find the IOS platform to be very reliable and predictable. It has many uncanny features of which I can say it’s a pleasure to use. I know I am going against the flow on this thread but wanted to share my experience with the IOS. (Sure there are some things I miss about the Samsung but over all I well satisfied!)

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No @ekuntz47 your comments about the iPhone are welcome here. It’s a discussion of what everyone likes for various reasons. Glad to have you aboard.

I want to discuss Developer Mode on the Samsung phones. Warning, be careful what you do here as it could render the phone unusable. I went in and read and researched each item you can change and made major changes to my Galaxy S10+. Following are directions for accessing Developer Mode and three things you can safely change to speed up your phone.

Turn On Developer Mode

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. At the bottom choose About Phone.
  3. Select Software Information.
  4. Look for Build number and start tapping it about 5 to 8 times.
  5. If you haven’t tapped enough, it will say “You are almost a Developer” If you tapped enough times it will say “You are now a Developer”.

How to speed up phone:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go into Developer Options at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Scroll down until you see Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale,
    4)Select each on individually and change all three from the default 1 second to a half second. This still show animation, just faster. Or you can turn off animation all together, making the phone’s transitions and display appear instantly when you touch it. I like to set mine at point 5 second. Be careful not to change anything unless you understand it.

Uboxed my S10+ 2 days ago and I really like it so far. More coming in review once I have time to get to that. @ekuntz47 glad to hear you like your Apple. My kids are at the age where they should now be getting a phone and that’s all they want so I am sure I will have one soon to experiment with. All of these devices are so much more than phones anymore. Not sure why they are even called phones. They are mini computers. Out of all the functions on my Android “phone”, I use the phone feature least often. Crazy where all of this has gone thanks to Steve Jobs and Apple. Thanks for the tips on Dev options @bennievcrowell

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Let’s take a look at Settings - Motions and Gestures
When I received my Samsung Galaxy S10+, one of the first things I did was to go into the “Settings” screen and select “Motions and Gestures”. Then I turned on five features starting at the top and going down. The first two are “Lift to Wake”, “Double tap to wake”. You can use either/or or both/none to wake your phone. I use both. The two settings are not mutually exclusive. When I lift my phone, it wakes up. Sometimes it doesn’t because I lifted the phone too slowly. Then I just double tap the screen to wake it.

The next three are “Smart stay”, “Smart alert” and "Easy mute"They are powerful when used in conjunction with the above “wake” actions. If in a meeting, you could lay the phone face down to mute calls and notifications (or to charge your ear buds or another phone), lift it to wake up and feel the phone vibrating (indicating missed calls or notifications). Plus it won’t go to sleep while you are using it as “Smart stay” keeps it awake while your face is seen by the front camera. Pretty cool huh?

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Thanks @bennievcrowell I will take a look at the gestures, Smart Stay, Smart Alert, and Easy Mute. I’m still trying to get the basic functions down…hahaha.

Custom Signatures on the Galaxy S10e S10 S10+
You can add custom signatures to your email sent from your phone. Gives it a personalized touch and provides the recipient with important information you want to share, like your phone, your degrees/certifications, the model phone you are using etc.

To create a signature for your email sent from your phone:

  1. Go into the Email app.
  2. Tap the three line menu on the top left.
  3. On the top right, select the gear icon.
  4. Under Accounts, select your email address.
  5. Go down near the bottom and select Signature.
    Enter anything you want including your name, contact info, phone model etc.
  6. At the top right, select Save.
  7. You are all set! Navigate back to your Home Screen and try sending an email from the Email app.

I’m proud of my $1,000 phone so my Signature reads:
“Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S10 +, Next Generation, 2019 Flagship Anniversary Edition”.
This is to irritate all my friends who are Apple fanboys. +

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Use to be a big Samsung fan/user, but decided to go with a Google Pixel 2XL, and glad I did. Better battery life, a camera that’s rated as one of the best, if not the best, receives updates before other Android phones, has a cool call screening feature, which is only available on the Pixel, finger print scanner on the back of the phone, which is REALLY convenient, just to point out a few pluses about the Pixel 2XL. Samsung put too much bloatware on their phones, which kind of turned me off to them, there at the end. Never been an iPhone fan, although I did give it a shot!

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You are so right on several points @MaverickCoast I am a Samsung fan/user but found I was let down by the Galaxy s10+ on the first day of use. I was configuring and customizing the phone that first day and lo and behold the power percentage was critical. The next day was normal calls and texts. By 6pm I’m out of power again!

The first day, after setting up the phone, found that it was loaded with bloatware. Not just a little, but tons of it. So I took advantage of the SD card slot and put in a 128Gb card due to the fact that Samsung put them on sale for under $25.

I’m just a Samsung fan/user all around. My PC houses four 500Gb Samsung EVO Solid State Drives configured in a R.A.I.D. zero array for blazing fast speed. My friends swear by their Samsung washers and dryers. I don’t need anything that big. My best friend has a Samsung refrigerator that he is in love with, but he is an Apple fanboy.

Oh and I forgot,! I use a Samsung 45" TV as my computer monitor. My main 4kUltra TV is guess what? A Samsung and for the den a 1080p Samsung TV. I believe in brand loyalty and bragging rights. Thanks @MaverickCoast A great alternative to the big two phone retailers. I wonder which smartwatch I will get…

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Help please.I’ve bought my wife a S10+ for her birthday(tomorrow).
i’ve had it on a couple of times with no problems but I switched it on today & the screen is there but very dark & I can hardly see it.
It’s fully charged & I’ve tried to reboot it but nothing is working.
Need to get it sorted by tomorrow.

Brian, It sounds like the brightness is turned way down.Let’s get this ready for your wife’s birthday.
First, swipe down from the top. Then swipe down from the top again. You will see a brightness bar at the bottom of the screen. Left is dark. right is bright. You should see a dot on the line. Tap your finger to the right of the dot to make it brighter. Tap to the left to make it darker. You should be able to get the display back to normal. In the center is ideal. Remember, the brighter you make the screen, the more battery will be used. Get back to me and let me know if this worked. I monitor this space.

Hi Bennie,just seen your post & yes you were right.
You’ve saved my life.
I’m not very good with this sort of stuff & would never have figured this out for myself.
I can’t figure out how that happened.Just powered on normally & dark screen was there.
Thanks very much mate.

Many of us who bought the Samsung Galaxy S10+ will be kicking ourselves in a couple of weeks. Samsung announced release of the Galaxy S10 5G. For $300 more than the S10+, we could have gotten the S10 5G. People who pre-order like most of us did will also get the Samsung wireless earbuds and the portable battery pack for recharging on the go. A $250 value. I wish they had announced a release date prior to this. I might have waited. Before it was just rumors

The Galaxy S10 5G as it’s name suggests will be 5G network capable in anticipation of Verizon;'s implementation of 5G later this year. Other carriers will follow suit. It’s the chicken or egg scenario. Build the network and the phones will follow or vice-versa.

The S10 5G has a slightly larger screen than the S10+. The battery is larger with longer battery life. It has more RAM and more storage. It will now take it’s place as Samsung’s best offering. Those of us who are stuck with the S10+ will have to wait until next year’s release of the Galaxy S11+. 5G.

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After spending a grand on the S10, be sure to protect our investment with a good case.You will find many options available. I decided to go with a tempered glass screen protector and a glass rear case. It is rated to withstand a ten foot drop. So if you hear glass breaking, it’s not my phone but the case.

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One good way to save battery life is to operate your Galaxy S10 in “Night Mode”. Swipe down from the top and select the gear icon in the top right. That will take you into Settings. Select “Display” Then you will see “Night Mode”. Turn it on. You are now in “Night Mode”. The colour scheme is black, grey and blue. I like this mode and think it looks better anyway and you are extending your battery life by doing this.

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