IP Vanish connection

When I tried to connect to IP vanish, I consistently get a connection error that says” the current server is unavailable, please try another location or a different protocol.”
My Internet is working, I am properly logged into IP vanish, but no matter what I do in terms of changing the country the city or the server, when I click on connect, in about six seconds I get the connection error message.

Any thoughts on what I should do?
Thank you so much


I came here just for this topic. Please people DO NOT BUY IP Vanish. I was going to cancel mine because of all the trouble connecting. It was taking 15 or 20 minutes to connect if at all. Once I went back and forth with them threatening to cancel mysteriously
the problem vanished.
So I thought the problem was resolved on their end so I renewed for a year and they got my money. Well, back to same, 15 or 20 to connect if at all, buffering during watching stuff.
Do yourself a favor and just go with someone else like Nord VPN, or one of the others.

Try un-installing it, downloading the latest version and re-installing it. That worked for me when I was getting this error.



Along with Uninstalling and reinstalling also try different protocols. I believe thr latest version shoulf help.

Ipvanish isnt that bad.


When I was having problems with IPVanish, the tech told me to uninstall it and to install it directly from their website and not from any third party (i.e., Google play store). I did that and haven’t had a problem connecting or staying connected in two years.


If you’re using Android TV box go to settings, apps, IPVanish app, clean the cash than try to connect.

If this doesn’t work follow the above steps than uninstall the app from there.

Install the app again, log in to your account than connect to server of your choice

This method worked for me when I use to IPVanish VPN. Those method should work on other divices as well.

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Yes i had the same problem over a year ago so i cancelled sub got surfshark no problems since

I didn’t have any issues with IPvanish, just didn’t want to pay $90 for one year, when I could get 2 years with Surfshark for much less!

Yes couldnt agree more surfshark is the better option

I use to use IPVanish because of to many errors I moved to NordVpn almost over a year now without any problem they also have an excellent support.

NordVpn added new Threat Protection Technology to all their subscription’s. This is ab extra protection layer when browsing the internet. TP wrote an review about it also includes discount link.

I got rid of IPVanish because of issues and poor customer support. I now have Proton VPN which has had the protection Nord now claims is new, for some time. Speeds are unreal.

Have you tried rebooting your router and cable modem? Sounds like a network problem to me. Also, if that doesn’t work, try changing the VPN protocol in settings of the IPVanish App. Some VPNs work better than others depending on network, location, etc. This is why we are now doing other VPN reviews. I’ve never had a problem like you are referring to with IPVanish.


It was the TV I was using apparently. Bought a new TV because they were on sale and the problem has resolved itself for now.

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Ive not tried nord vpn will have to try it sometime.thanks for the info.

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When I use Vanish VPN the wifi internet speed reduces from 200mbps to 60. My incoming speed to router is 425mbps. Is it a waste of money when the speed is reduced so much and interrupts the streaming?


I think we are kinda getting off topic, waiting to hear back from @tbraun0116 on the subject. However, all vpns reduce speed, all of them. There is alot you can do to speed this up and every vpn will have the same measures. Some vpns are better than others and some are programed better than others. Some handle android versions better.

I suggest readging up on sever change and protocals, wifi or hardwired connection. Keep in mind you need at least 40 up to have a steady stream. High gig files will need more like 4k.

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I had the same problem last month tbraun. I had to close the vpn program,delete the ipvanish folder, then reopen ip vanish.Then I reset to wireguard. The folder automatically returns and runs fine after… I run windows 10. I advise you to log into your ipvanish website and get support through their live chat before you try it, because you may have a different operating system than I have… They helped me fast, and its an easy fix. I dont bother calling them for support anymore, so i use the live chat. Hope this helps.

Yesterday I set up a 4k Max firestick on a new internet connection for a customer. Analiti tested it at 263 down without a VPN active. Initial speeds were 53 down and 23 up with the VPN on. This was using the VPN’s “automatic” protocol suggestion which the VPN supplier stated was the “fastest”, it wasn’t, I then began to go through the protocols and found that Open VPN>UDP was the best. Analiti returned test speeds, on average, of 97MBps down and 53 up. Plenty fast enough for any streaming. I also noticed a marked improvement in picture and color quality on his LG TV. Also note that this was done and tested during “peak” traffic period.


Hi Cody welcome to the platform

I had the same problem a month ago. All I did was goto the app and clear cache and clear data. Fixed.