Internet app content being blocked

I guess this app has blocked Surfshark VPN. Most of the sports channels now must
use there VPN in order to work. Any way around just wondering. I do have other options
but I like to check on my computer once in a while as it is faster but not anymore.

glb 1025

Sorry but I haven’t a clue what you are talking about. What app? Can you give us a more detailed discription of your issue, what you’ve tried, what device you are using as well as what VPN. That way we can focus our answers or help.

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Please read this post!

I’m starting to see more of this going on. You need to tell us everything and be descriptive so we can help you better.


Maybe talking about USTVGO…? :thinking:

So sorry it shows as up as Internet on icon but it is silk browser. I’m using fire stick 4K.
Using Surfshark I was able to get almost all channels using link
now they have changed and most channels require there preferred VPN.
I was just wondering if there was a way around that…
Again sorry for so little information as I know your not allowed to mention
certain things in these posts.


I use that app every now and then and I have SS as my VPN. Sometimes you may? find success using SS if you try using different servers. Sometimes one works and then the next day it doesn’t with SS. I have found the Chicago server works a lot, but not always. One time I used an India server that was suggested, and it worked. You need to try different servers until you find one that works.

Another VPN source that I have found success with is the Free version of Proton VPN, not always, but a lot of the times. Proton VPN: Secure and Free VPN service for protecting your privacy
Proton VPN: Private, Secure - Apps on Google Play

Here is one I researched about this very issue, and this was suggested from a group on one of my Discord groups. I have it now on my laptop, but I have not yet tested it on my Nvidia Pro. It’s free and does offer a few features. Tbh, I only have this installed because of the USTVGO app and only have used it for that purpose. One very nice feature they have is you can set it as an extension of your browser. Free VPN ZenMate-Best VPN for Chrome - Chrome Web Store (

Btw, I just now tested the ZenMate VPN again and it does work but can be a bit touchy. Getting some buffering at the moment. So, beware and have patience. lol

Fyi, I also, just now tested using SS with a Chicago server and it is playing the restricted channels. Imho, I like using SS better because I get no buffering while using it. Although, you may have to search around for a server that will work.

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I did the same…installed the Zenmate VPN Chrome extension and it works for USTVGO. I get buffering also. I found out the “free” version is limited to 2Mbps. Probably why it buffers.

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Yeah, that what I figured, too. I’m not going to buy their premium just for this app as long as my SS seems work when viewing this app.

try >> 123TV - Watch USA TV Live Stream

Works fine with surfshark

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Works with Expressvpn fine too. Thanks, another backup :sweat_smile:

thanks to all that replied I’ve tried your suggestions and they all work.
I know there are times things go astray and some of us need help and
this the place to come. I will remember some of the suggestions of
how to search for answers if I have problems in future.

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