Installing Green Dot on a laptop

Hey folks - is there a way to install the green dot on a laptop computer? I have Nord on my laptop and I have no visible means of monitoring whether or not is is on.

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Sure. I would recommend downloading it from the Rapid App Installer. I have the green dot on my phone too lol.

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Windows download is the second one.


Good call @Miki, I said RAI but now that you posted that link I’m doubting myself that you can get the TP App onto Windows.

Also, FYI, you may have to disable Microsoft Defender to get the Safety Dot installed.

I think you should be able to. Win 11 installs APKs, but I think earlier versions you will need the bluestacks emulator. I gave up on Win doze after we released XP Black. Loooong time ago. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :older_man:

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Windows defender shouldnt interfere with safety dot. Also anything before 11 you will need bluestacks. Infact even on win 11 bluestacks is needed for most apps.

I set up the Windows Subsystem for Android on my laptop…I’ll download the SafetyDot, see what happens & get backatcha’. :thinking:


I use nord on my laptop and the nord icon in the notification area in the bottom right task bar changes color when it is on and off. The icon is solid blue when on and white when off. No need for green dot on a laptop

OK…downloaded SafetyDot…got the red dot flashing in Firefox, Chrome & MS Edge…but when I turned on my SurfShark VPN Extension in Firefox, nothing changed…still a flashing red dot. So…it didn’t/doesn’t work when using the SS vpn extension/add on in FF. Don’t have SS set up on my laptop any other way…just as a browser extension. But…I also downloaded/setup SS in the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA)…but have not been able to get a connection…still trying to figure out why…everything opens in settings…it just will not connect…??? :thinking:

@TP-Dracoo Also…I’m running Win Defender but haven’t tried turning it off…yet

1 Like Just download it from their site. Be aware that the Windows version is pretty flaky.

My safety dot on my laptop doesn’t even turn green when my VPN is on. You are correct in saying “flaky” lol.

One thing I can’t explain is that my vpnsafetydot is version 1.9.2 while on their site it’s 1.9.0

Is there a special setting to get the icon to change colors? I read that a while back from NORD and could never get it to change colors when I paused it.

You should be able to just look at the task bar and see that nord ia running, as its in the background. It works much different on a pc than a android box

Current android version is 1.9.9. There is no version number on the Windows version.

Got a link to the 1.9.9 version? please and tx.

The 1.9.9 is the one that is on RAI, I’m pretty sure. That is the one giving me issues. No issues previously before that update.

ahhh. ok. I couldn’t even find a download for 1.9.9 I’m curious if that’s the V causing problems and wanted to test it.

Go to The android download is 1.9.9.

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Ahhh that’s the issue. I’m not using androidTV I’m on FireTV so going to the official site that you linked I have 1.9.0 showing for FireTV. So the 1.9.2 I have is the next FireTV update I guess. Even forget where I got that one.
TX sktn77a. Have a good day.