Installing Green Dot on a laptop

I just downloaded v1.9.9 from the firestick link (!?) Maybe Canada has different links, eh (?) :wink:

Nope you are absolutely correct. If I click the fireTV link it does link to the 1.9.9 even though it clearly states 1.9.0 on their home page. Tx sktn77a, btw I’m in Mexico not Canada.

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Noted. Delete the “eh”! :rofl:

On your laptop, click inside the taskbar>click taskbar settings>click taskbar overload>toggle on NordVPN.
This should give you the small nord icon on the right side of the taskbar. This icon will be white when the vpn is off and blue when the vpn is on. No need for green dot.

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Tico259 - You are the man!! It worked just as you said. How the devil did you figure that out? Great job - you saved a lot of people a lot of messy stuff with the green dot.

Thanks for the shout out! Glad it helped.