Installing a usb drive to onn

Just finished setting up a new onn 4K streaming Box. All went smoothly except trying to install a usb drive to free up space for programs. No matter what I seem to try, I cannot get it to identify the usb device. I have formatted the scan disk to MS-DOD (FAT32). Nothing seems to work. Troy suggested that most people would not need a usb drive. I’m probably one of those, but it was frustrating not being able to set it up. Thanks for suggestions in advance.

What size is the usb? And did you select internal storage or portable?

Also, did you format the USB on a PC or on your device?

Try reformatting to NTFS.

Turn off USB debugging. Restart. Install the storage. format and once seen turn debugging back on.

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I have tried a 64GB and a 32GB usb. Internal storage. Formatted on PC (Mac).

Follow @Miki advice above. Plug it in and allow your device to “set it up” and it should format to the correct one that is compatible with your streaming device.

Sometimes formatting an external drive on pc doesnt work properly, when plugged into a different device.

And as you go through the process, set it up as internal, once it has formatted the usb.

Not quite sure how your device sets it up.

But once my sd card or usb is plugged in it recognises it, and asks if i wish to format it. Then it should format to either internal or portable, depending on what you have selected.