Install Weyd on Firestick/Fire TV and Android TV Box (2023)

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This in-depth report of the Weyd streaming app will provide installation instructions and cover the important features found within this premium APK. The Weyd app sports a simple yet powerful user interface which makes it one of the most popular solutions for those who use debrid services. Don’t let the simplicity fool you as there…


Why would you prefer this over Syncler? Unless I’m missing something, Syncler has a better integration with Trakt whereas Weyd only separates Trakt listings into the 2 categories of “Movies” and “TV” and all titles within those 2 categories are just a jumbled mess?

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I was just wondering why you recently made the switch from syncler as well. I’ve used both and every time I try to give it a good college try I end up going back to syncler every time.

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The original post is 3 yrs old everyone

Not certain if the scrappers are old or have been updated in the recycled tutorial.

Btw, TP pushed this out just recently (yesterday) in one of his newsletters.


Yeah, but Troy just reposted this in his email update only this past week. I don’t get it.

I keep getting a parsing error when I trying to install this on my new firestick.

The reason you could be getting an error is because the fire stick does not support Android 8 , This is from Weyd

weyd only support Android OS

Given the recent announcement that a significant manufacturer of streaming devices is deploying a proprietary Operating System, we are clearly stating that weyd only supports Android 8+. There are also reports that this manufacturer will likely push existing devices to their Non-Android OS. If this happens, weyd will not be supported on those devices.

weyd will not be developed for any platform other than Android.

Weyd Compatibility Sheet(Items Weyd Green Are API 26+, Orange Are Comp) - Google Drive

Wow, I think I’ll go back to Syncler.
I have Weyd on my Android box.
Real pain, huh?
Thanks so much for answering me…
Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: :santa:

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I use weyd on my nvidia shield and my mecool km7 android box and 4k onn box I have no problem. Merry Christmas

I never tried the Onn box.
Just bought a 50 in Onn TV. Great price.
I have a Mecool KM1 that is running out of storage. Had it for years. Was just looking for a newer one through the email they sent w/15% off.
I was loading a stick for a friend and wanted to give her Weyd.
I used Syncler for a long time them somehow I switched to Weyd.

Yeah I tried a zillion ways to download onto IOS and a few apps were shut down. One from China that allowed to download non-apple approved. Also I do believe Weyd was created by a free app before that had a lizard logo that was black and white. Anyway the creator was privacy minded to note when you add REAL DEBRID he exempts himself to user and is marketed as a player to avoid a KODI SMACKDOWN and so on.

Can’t add real Debrid to weyd app after changing my router and logging out. I get a black screen and all my other apps with Debrid are working.

Have you tried loggong into real debrid on line. It may be that your new ip address isn’t recognized. Try it without your vpn on

Yes, I just uninstalled and rebooted my ONN and going to reinstall hope it fixes it

All is well, uninstall reboot reinstall and I’m good.

Hello, for those that use weyd. Weydx is updated,
Added new site
All pls refresh the Scraper script. Go to settings. Scraper script and click refresh scraper.

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v3.2.3 has been released with more performance improvements.

Officially announcing the addition of a new perk for Lifetime Subscribers.

Lifetime Subscribers can now remotely manage the Weyd installations linked to their account. Settings can be changed remotely, manage 3rd part auths, suspend (without removing from account), send messages, and much more.

The remote capabilities is nice. Unfortunately, the only way to purchase a lifetime sub is with crypto.

Let’s hope they either offer this perk to regular subs or at least accept Paypal/CC.

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I use weyd on 4 different tvs. On 3 of them it wors fine. I have orion, real-debrid and premiumize. On each tv it searches 35 sources.but on the 4th tv it only searches 1 source. What am I doing wrong?

Force stop and clear cache in app settings.