I was wrong. This thread is dead

I had thought that my rarbg source had caused my vpn to disconnect. A member here has pointed out that this is impossible and was merely a coincidence. This member is far more knowledgeable than I am regarding such things. I was mistaken.


Thanks for your advice Miki - as a Stremio user it is only luck that I haven’t selected that source recently. I assume the same thing coukd happen for people accessing that source from any streaming app that can use RD

Wow, this is interesting. I’m sure I have selected this source before. Is there a way to notify Real Debrid? They might be willing to remove this streaming source. They should consider it a safety issue.

Thanks for sharing.

Is there a way to run RARBG through Virus Total scanner?

After reading your post I checked my Stremio addons and found I haven’t added that addon and now after your warning. I definitely will not be installing it.

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It’s a source found by the scrapers in torrentio and RD+. Sorry I should have specified. It isn’t an addon I added. Subsequent to the issue I ran a full malwarebytes scan to be sure nothing on my shield had been altered or infected. All good thank the streaming gods.

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I understand, but there is also an addon from that source. So, I figure if the RARBG scraper is bad news. Then the RAR (RARBG) addon is also a likely suspect, or are the two not related in that capcity?

Btw, this RARBG scraper is also found in Syncler+.

Ahh got ya. I imagine the two are related, they would have to be. I only get these sources in my RD+ sources. Either way, I’m never clicking those sources again. At one time they were my favourite as they were reliable and top quality, then the dev quit, so I suppose some scammer has picked up the code for their nefarious purposes.


Thanks for the heads up.

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Thank you for that informative information Miki. I will be going into my add-ons and deselecting rarbg. That being said, I may also put my pc into a virtual mode, start SS and look for a torrent on the site to see what happens. No possible harm to my pc.

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Iconic Torrent Site RARBG Shuts Down, All Content Releases Stop * TorrentFreak


Yup. Do not use any sources that show rarbg, even from RealDebrid.

Has anyone experienced this on KODI or is it only happening on Stremio? In KODI I just pick the first RD stream and if that doesn’t work it moves on to the next playable stream. also I don’t use a VPN. Anyway I haven’t seen this issue (yet) in KODI

It just happened to me last night in Stremio on the 4K HDR RARBG source. I never use Kodi but certainly wouldn’t choose the source even if I did after my experience. What got me was that it was an RD+ link.

Hmm…interesting that they have a line of code or script that force closed your Proton.

So, when you detected this, you went into your VPN and it showed disconnected? You couldn’t connect outside of a device reboot?

Interesting. Alarming.

My VPN safety dot immediately turned Red, indicating my VPN was disconnected. I then opened my ProtonVPN to verify it was disconnected and it was. I immediately tried to reconnect and it would not. I switched to 2 more different servers and it would not reconnect. I immediately did a reboot and once my home screen was open I cleared the cache, chose a server, and it reconnected. I then immediately ran a Malwarebytes scan. Everything was good and my safety dot was back to green and opening my VPN it showed I was connected. All ok now. I did change my server location though, from the one that got disconnected as well.

Are you still planning on switching away from Proton when your sub expires?

Aside from the lack of android app feature neutering, what other factors are leaning you away? You seem to be getting good post connection speeds. You stated that geoblocking on services aren’t an issue and server selection is good.

I’m just curious.

I’ve been watching the series air disasters and on stremio only RARBG links are available which none work. Stremio will not even pick them up. On other shows I see pirate and 1337 are filling the void.

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Speeds are great, but I still cannot comprehend the lack of access to full settings. With the options pretty limited I am on the fence.

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Thanks for the heads up on that, much appreciated :+1:

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Which relevant feature is not available that makes it a potential deal breaker for you?