I keep getting no results found in all my Kodi addons

I’m new to all this cord cutting stuff. My problem I’m having is that when I open any of my addons. It’s saying no results found is this a common problem or am I doing something wrong?

Which addons are you using?, for free streams use Scrubsv2.

I’m using luffy ,daddylive

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There is a thread already opened on this.

watching daddylive at the moment working ok

Daddylive is for IPTV, it’s not the best reliable add-on.

agree i only use as a back up better apps out there

Yeah they are a backup for iptv . But luffy is doing the same thing. I’m trying to find solutions to this problem. I’m using kodi 20.2 is this not a good version? Should I go to the 20.1 version? The addons have worked. But very sporadic.

20.2 is fine i use it with no problems

i will say i mostly use stand alone apps less problems

Do you have a Real Debrid subscription and is it active? I’ve been using The Crew and 9Lives on a Build with 20.2 and have not had issues for many months

Yes I’m using real debrid. I’ll try out the crew see if I get better luck with it. Cause I’ve got two different types of devices and it’s doing it on both. Does the crew have a lot of 4k content?

I don’t believe you will get any better results with Crew. I haven’t been able to stream anything from FEN or CREW in a while. I stopped even using Kodi.

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Im using one flix build ,lightweight n fast. I’ve had no problems. I find ,if u use no build and just one or 2 add ons, Seren w/ RD is the best. And I like Homelander and Umbrella

The Crew is working Flawlessly and has been for several months.

Im back to using Kodi this last yr. I’m good w/it. Use a lite/ fast build ,One Flix i think that’s right name , I’ll repost if I’m wrong. But it’s RD enabled and been working swell. I usually keep up thru TP suggestions w/ lite fast builds. I’ll throw a TP kodi fork on my fs or fcube and try new one’s for a test drive every so often. Check it out

I had to use Real Debrid to get things to show up. Free stream are less and less.

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