I have a question about IP Vanish

My year is almost up and I been having problems with the WireGuard vpn protocol and does the price increase after the year is over and should I try a different vpn after the year is over


I have IPVanish and the first year was like 45 dollars and the second year doubled to 90 dollars. I really like their service, but next year I will do my best to negotiate a better price. I have read on a couple posts that if you contact them, you can get a better price as opposed to changing to a different VPN. Guess I will find out next year.


I’ve been trying to take advantage of the discount but what I’m finding is this offer is for new accounts. I tried, but my email address blocks it. Anybody know how to get around this?

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You actually have to contact customer service and talk to them. I’m Canadian and have been paying $120/yr for the past 4 years and although some seem to have gotten them to give a discount after 6 yrs of being with them I couldn’t get any satisfaction, so I canceled my sub and went with ExpressVPN.

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i just got a letter last week from ipvanish telling me the price next year was 90 bucks and no discounts. i called to cancel my auto renew option and they immediately offered me 31.49 a year. the guy said you will have to call every year to get the discount. ive been with them about 4 years now

Many have done this and had luck. They wouldn’t even discuss a savings with me, which is ok as I’m finding better speeds and smoother running using another VPN.

Which vpn do you like? I am thinking about trying something else.


Lots of vpns talked about here.

I use pia currently.

Oooo pia. I’ve never heard of that one. Can you please give us a brief synopsis of why you like it and what advantages you feel it has over others. Tx

I have a number of VPNs but on my 4K Max I am presently using ExpressVPN.
I have used Proton/Cyberghost/IPVanish and Nord.
All are excellent choices imho, and is simply a matter of personal preference.

Cyberghost is currently 84 dollars for 3 years / 2.15 a month! Just wondering about the experience. Nord VPN shows me great speeds when I run tests, but I buffer often and have slow channel changing when using it. If I turn off the Nord vpn connection, the channel changing is blazing fast and I have no more buffering. That is why I want to try someone else

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I had the same issues with IPVanish, ExpressVPN worked wonders for me and now I have all the speed I need for virtually buffer free watching. I should mention that one of the nice things about CyberGhost is the ability to go to “streaming” and pick the app you will be using like YouTube and it will take you to a specific Server optimized for YouTube. There are quite a few. But I did find my speeds were slower. After a lot of testing ExpressVPN was the one that gave me consistently best speeds and much less buffering.

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Pia is private internet access and was bought for me from a friend at work. It’s a really good vpn and a good price. It hits all the check points mentioned in my topic. Nord works better on my android box ns pia but nord has gotten greedy, they took their 3 years away at 80 and it’s now 2 for 115 cad… so I said nope.

Ima speak to there service later on. It works pretty much the same as nord but it’s us based. I find it slower on my android box but works the same on laptop computer and phone has nord.

(My android box is wireless currently and has been moved from the modem and not hardwired so take that comment with a grain of salt, I’m to lazy to fix it)

Pia does effect your speeds, make sure to find the closest server and best protocol like ipvanish. That’s my mini review of pia, it works good.

I’d wait for a troy review of vpns… shh :wink: that’s all I’m going to say. Wait for that.


Review my topic and look at what others posted. You will find one you like.


I’ve been a PIA customer 6-7 years. Switched to IPVanish cause- I forget why- oh yeah, I thought there was no on screen widget avail with PIA while using Firestick- probably not true as I could have used that green dot apk- anyway- IPVanish has no kill switch, will not cut off a streaming connection if the VPN drops for some reason- dangerous! Also no IPv6 protection! Also dangerous. Note: I’m a Linux user, set up with IPVanish was brutal, and still no convenient IPv6 protection.

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I have both CyberGhost and Surfshark at the moment. My go to is Surfshark due to the speed and my personal favorite…their Killswitch. It has worked as it should a couple times now. I’m not a downloaded or Torrent user, just IPTV. I have actually deleted CyberGhost off of a couple devices since Surfshark updated their servers. I leave it set to default which is almost always on WIreguard

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What is the phone # that you called? Thanks in advance.

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Live chat.

Scroll down to live chat and click it.

Thanks @Miki I gave cyberghost a try.

My channel changing is much faster than nord and havent seen any buffering. They said it can be returned within 45 days if it doesnt work out for me.

For my last IPvanish renewal, I balked at the $90 renewal and emailed customer support. I identified myself as a founding Troypoint member and requested a discount. They responded with a $36, one year offer. I also subscribed to Surfshark after hearing about their kill switch and good performance. After using Surfshark for a while, I can confirm that my download speed has more than doubled vs IPvanish. I have both at this time but will probably drop IPvanish. Surfshark also supports unlimited devices which is one reason why I held onto IPvanish longer than I wanted to.

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Cyberghost is a nice little app. As I mentioned I like the option to switch servers to ones that are optimized for , YouTube, Netflix, Prime etc. Don’t even have to call their service ppl or tech support to get the proper server.

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