How to use unlinked

Does anyone one know how to get adb remote adb shell out of unlinked so i can use it i have downloaded it

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Oops know i dont have it downloaded it wont let me

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code 44444444… its in that library

Ya but it wont let me download any apps

@Rampage62 You have to download…then click icon again after download and click launch to install…Troy has it too in his Rapid App Installer…

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Thanks money but what is that second number they looking for got the ip address

@Rampage62 You mean this, 5555…port number…

Yes that what i mean

@Rampage62 Use 5555…standard…port#…what are you working on?..might have online tutorials for you…

Trying to debloot all that stuff off my firestick to free up some space an i seen something about needing that tool because my firestick in 2nd generation

@Rampage62 There are 2 Debloat tools on Troy’s Rapid App Installer. It depends on what version of software you have loaded.

Ya they wont work my 2nd generation is a fireos5

i discovered applinked works easier for me

Ok will look at applinks davduck

Money it got me one step closer but just keep buffering wont connect

I even turned my vpn off thinking that might be the problem but no


Could update OS on 2nd. Generation Fire TV…I had one…was a diamond shaped unit. OS 6.0 worked well on mine…then use Troys Debloat tool.

Watched troypoint tutorial on that rightway said if i had a fireos5 wouldn’t work oh well thanks for trying Christmas is coming soon going to upgrade to 4k maybe 4k max just waiting to read the more reviews to hear what one is better

There is a Fire OS debloat tutorial.
Here is a link to techdruk.

Hi Mr. Rampage,
Yes, a Gen 2 Firestick can be debloated but only 15 of the processes & not the up to 93 of the 4K.
I assisted in the development of the DeBloat apps & at 1 time was the only person to successfully DeBloat the Gen 2 Firestick. To DeBloat the Gen 2, you will need to watch the tutorial from my buddy, Tech Doctor UK. He is also a buddy with Troy so I hope I don’t get in trouble posting this link for you.

For everyone who uses the 4K Debloat Tool, I advise only using 78 of the 93 process stops. These are what I contributed & a few of the rest are not good to stop. Also to complete the process & I never shared this with them, using ES File Explorer, open the app, scroll down & across to the APP box looks like a robot, open it, just below the top blue box click on the checkmark & a popup opens, click on User Apps. Click on all the Apps such as Music, Photo’s, Screensaver, News, Freetime, Shop Amazon & Click to Uninstall each of those chosen & do not uninstall NOT process apps. This does not actually Uninstall but reduces the App to Factory Install size which is tiny. But remember - you will have to stop Updates using the Debloat tool 1st.
ImportantAfter doing an update which you need to do every 6 months, go back & run the DeBloater again & again uninstall any of those processes/Apps you previously uninstalled which were revitalized. I do this & I never did inform my buddy Tech Doc so this is a new 1 I am leaving on Troy’s site.

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