How to turn off SurfShark auto renewal

I currently have a 2 year SurfShark subscription and am very happy with the VPN. However, its set up for auto renewal with Paypal (at the highest rate, of course), which I don’t want. I see no way to turn off auto renewal. Anybody know how to do this?

Submit a request – Surfshark Customer Support

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You can check to make sure auto renew is indeed disabled following the below chart.

Btw, imho, I feel ANY business that makes it difficult or to cancel a sub or auto-renew is suspect at best.

I still have their service, but no longer use them because of the myriad of continuing issues. Plus, the fact they make you jump through some hoops just to turn off auto-renew.

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Thanks guys. Unfortunately, neither of those methods work. The first just tells you how to cancel your subscription and lose any remaining time, while the second must be from an old version, the new version looks nothing like that and doesn’t have that option.

Just chatted with them. They sent me a link to disable auto renewal but it’s not available anywhere in their apps or on their web site, only from the chat agent.

Click on the link I just posted surf shark auto renew

Yes, I got the same link from their chat person and disabled auto renew. Once you disable it in this way, an option appears in My Account to to turn it back on but when it’s on, that option disappears!

They clearly want to make it difficult for you!!!


The edit button was not there for me as well and I put in a ticket, however by time the sub renews my card on file will be expired :sunglasses:


I don’t remember how I did but it says renew canceled.
I still have over a year left too. Reason I am leaving are many reason but the main one is they would not allow me to change my email address maybe they can’t don’t know but that email does not exist anymore due to me getting hacked via my paypal account.

So my paypal account is closed and have a different card number.

That’s why I sent you this pic. You have to first use their chat and ask.

SS Chat

I too was having trouble with connections with SS. IPV was working much better all the time. I had to send an email to them and they responded with a link to cancel. That is what I had to do. It shouldn’t be that hard to cancel.

They replied to me about WHY? … heres my response…
Screenshot from 2023-10-14 08-11-05