Surfshark Auto Renewal

Troy recently brought our attention to difficulties in cancelling the auto renewal of IP Vanish. In that same article it was pointed out that cancelling auto pay with Surfshark was straight forward. That is no longer true. I tried to cancel auto renewal and ran into a roadblock. Even their FAQ on the subject is a dead end. So I sent them a request on their website and got a response as shown in the attached screen shot. From that point it was fairly straightforward. Although the note from Surfshark has the word cancel, Only the auto renewal is being cancelled.


djraysr Welcome to our community! Thanks for the INFO I want to stop auto renewal with SS

@Explorer @djraysr Thanks for the input on this. If I log into my Surfshark Account and click My Account top right corner and then click Subscription, I also have a button on that screen as well to enable/disable Auto-renewal. Not sure why this wouldn’t be the same for all subs. Do you guys not have this on your account?


Hello Troy hope your having a good day. Thanks for this great site. I just had a look and under Subscription, Payment settings, Auto-renewal and there is a edit button to enable/disable . Thanks for the INFO