How to Stream Local Channels Without Cable

Originally published at: How to Stream Local Channels Without Cable in 2021 on Any Device

This guide shows How to Stream Local Channels Without Cable in 2021 on any device. Local channels are a common topic among TROYPOINT visitors, as many wonder how to stream local channels without a cable or satellite subscription on their television. Especially with cable and satellite companies now starting to drop local channels from their…


Still no actual network channels (NBC, CBS, etc). After the downfall of Locast, there may never be.

I use TivIMate and have over 10,000 channels, no paid service, all free and literally have a ton of channels from many locations. Locast is still alive. I have it.

What am i missing? I went through the first 4-5 of these suggestions and not a single one had any of my local channels (I’m talking ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX) and live in a Big market? They had channels in other states. I thought this post was about being able to stream your local channels?

Why did you delete your post? Don’t understand. The original post references networks and links to the sites showing what local channels are available in what regions, cities, or states. I simply posted asking for the same thing and what networks I am looking for in what area. So not sure if you deleted your post or it was a Mod? I find the User Interface of this forum to be very Clunky especially the notifications. Stuff is very hard to find and when someone replies or you get a notification it’s difficult to see what it’s for. Yeah Navigation is a challenge here for sure

I deleted it cause I realized it might contain illegal content and I certainly don’t want undue attention focused on Troy because I wasn’t thinking.

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I would suggest to search free m3u tons of stuff to add to tivimate or go to our main site and look at iptv providers.


Hmmm I thought I saw a post not to long ago that anyone talking about specific IPTV services will be banned immediately? Is that not the case any longer? Anyway was just pointing out and frustrated that a lot of the streaming apps linked to here are spotty at best when it comes to finding local channels for a particular area.


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LOL Well the OP of this thread links to services showing streaming apps that carry local channels and that’s all I was asking. So if it’s okay for the original poster to do this I can’t see why it would be wrong for the questions I was asking. Anyway no worries, thanks


We cant link or mention iptv providers here on the insider but the main website has all that info. We troubleshoot issues mostly.

The main topic is older and done by the administration that can stay, it’s grandfathered in the insider. Please take a look at our rules.

Main site? Have no idea what you are talking about? Is this a subforum of a larger forum? sorry again finding the UI here to be very non user friendly

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This is a sub fourm for troubleshooting and communication.

It wasn’t anything you did. It was the picture I uploaded. That may have contained illegal content so I played it safe and deleted it.

Yes you are quite correct. For now it is spotty, but considering it’s free and channels are being added weekly, and just a short time ago there weren’t any channels, things have come a long way. I found 2 of your local channels and that’s pretty amazing if I do say so myself.

Now something else you should consider. On my Firestick 4K Max I have the Silk browser and can bring up the KXAN-TV live news feed. Something perhaps you can look at.

Yup I found two of the local channels as well so your right only a matter of time until more come on the grid. Thanks

Hey I’m confused. Have a look.

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Yeah that’s what I was saying. It says the Austin Area but all the local channels are from other cities around the country but none from Austin. These services are Wacky for sure. LOL

Absolutely. I wondered what you meant. Now I see. That’s nonsense.