How to resubscribe to TiviMate?

I need to resubscribe to TiviMate soon . I down loaded TiviMate companion but it don’t work . It wont take my login info or get a new password . Is their another way to resubscribe to the service ?

I would say uninstall your Tivi companion app & reinstall it from somewhere else…& of course, triple check your credentials when entering.

The site is telling me my device isn’t compatible with their device .

I found out how to renew my TiviMate apk But I have one more question . When I renew it will all my mp3 files stay in the app ?

Yes they will, but I would do a backup before you do anything else. Are you just going for another year or lifetime?

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I’m going from a one year sub to a Lifetime sub .

When you backup your m3u’s to where do you put then in ? I have several choices .

Whatever folder is convenient for you…doesn’t matter as long as you know where it is when you need to Restore it…probably a good idea to do a backup once or twice a month if you have important stuff on your Tivimate.


I put mine in the “Downloader” app/files. That way I don’t have to “create” any files. It’s also an app I keep on the USB Drive, so don’t need another app.


I backed up my files . Thanks !



If you do, then you have nothing to worry about.

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