How to Install Wolf Launcher on Firestick and Android TV

Originally published at: Install Wolf Launcher on Firestick/Android and Remove Ads (2022)

This step-by-step guide will show you how to install the Wolf Launcher on Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV Box to upgrade your interface. Table of ContentsUpdate: Wolf Launcher No Longer Being UpdatedWolf Launcher InformationHow to Install Wolf Launcher on FirestickWolf Launcher on Firestick – Launch on Boot MethodWolf Launcher on Firestick – Launcher Manager…


After several successful installs, suddenly, when I try to install Launcher Manager from Troypoint rapid app installer I receive the “Parse error - there was a problem parsing the package”. I also receive the error when trying to install from Downloader. It happens on multiple firestick 4k devices. Both ADB debugging and Unknown sources are turned “on”. please help

I’m also having an issue with downloading the Launch Manager. I get a “problem parsing the package” using Downloader and the Troypoint Rapid App installer also will not download. The Wolf Launcher downloaded from the Rapid App Installer, however.

I’ve loaded the Wolf launcher on three separate 4k firesticks and did not have any problem. I especially like the fact that I can set up folders. I set up a folder entitled “amazon junk” and then moved all the Amazon bloat ware into this folder. I also set up another folder entitled “other junk” and moved other misc apps into that folder (ones I rarely use)…now when I hit the home button, I only see those apps that I normally use without having to wade through all the amazon bloatware

I’ve tried off and on for the past two days. Keep getting parse error. Tried Rapid App Installer and Downloader. No joy. I am on a second generation Fire TV. Maybe its not compatible with…

Hello @Randath yes you are correct. It doesn’t work on 2nd Gen stick as our tutorial states. It only works on devices running Fire OS 6 and higher.

Randath, you might try techdoctoruk directly for additional help on Wolf Launcher/Launcher Manager.
Via Downloader, type in and you will be directed to his website. Select the 3 horizontal lines (sometimes referred to as the “hamburger menu”, and the select tutorials. There is an updated version of Launcher in there. Good luck!

@Fie_Man @Randath Thanks for your suggestion @Fie_Man we are pointing to the newest launcher manger through TechDoctor UK’s site and as of today it only supports Fire OS 6 and above so it won’t work on 2nd Gen Firesticks.

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@Troypoint, thanks for clarifying the compatibility. Caught with old tech again. Need to look at the Nvidia Shield again. Thanks.


Does it work on the new firestick 4k max?

I have been having problems with my download speed. I have tried all the protocols. Letting it pick the best city and server. Going in and manually adjusting the city and so on but still with it off I get around 300Mbps and trying everything around 60 with it on. I have the otg cable and the adapter Troy uses, ethernet and wifi. I have reported it to customer service and never heard back. My contract is going to be up this month and I don’t want to change just would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!!

60MBs down is plenty for streaming.

Of course it’s good enough for up to 8k but I like to use what I have

Not sure what you mean when you say use what you have. You are. If you want to use 200MBs down all the time, that simply isn’t going to happen for countless reasons that would take 3 pages to explain. Some would kill for 60MBs with a VPN. I get around 45 with a VPN and 110 without, and rarely ever get buffering or lockup.

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Watch Troy’s video about adding a ethernet connection. He talks about the adapter made by the same company will pass only 100Mbps. Why the warning If you have 300 Mbps you expect that and you know as well as II do how speeds will bounce around If there is something that drops it 250Mbps there is a problem. Thanks for the discussion.

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If you have more than 100 down and you are only getting 100 down with a hard wired connection that means the port the ethernet cable is connected to is locked to 10/100

Or you don’t have cat5e or cat6.

You will never get your full connected speed on a vpn, how much it drops varys depending on Lot of different factors.

Oh I know all about networks and what to do, but there is such a thing as overkill. I’ll leave you to it. Good luck.

So I’m not the smart bulb in the box on this forum, so seems to me if everyone who is connected to the router needs 20-30mbps to do what they do online, then anything over that needed amount per person just helps the device continue to operate efficiently. :man_shrugging:

Analiti had a upgrade to 2021.12.50545. Now it’s hovering around 100Mgps. Don’t understand but works for me. Thanks for the comments!!

Where do you get the widgets to add? I am loving the app though, I wish I did this ages ago.