How To Install & Use Syncler on Firestick/Android TV (2024)

Originally published at: How To Install & Use Syncler on Firestick/Android TV (2024)

This step-by-step instructional guide will show you How To Install & Use Syncler on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV/Google TV Box. Syncler is a popular Streaming App that serves up Movies and TV Shows on any device. At first glance it appears to be a fork of the once-popular TVZion APK, however, it works…

TVZION was one of my favorites…after receiving this notice on Troypoint, I was eager to load and try it…I followed all the instructions but have never been able to get movies to play…I tried several and always got a msg “no links found”…I looked for YouTube videos for the set up but didn’t find any…I set it up similar to how I set up tvzion…I think there are some bugs in it or the instructions need to be clarified

I need instructions to instal and get this working also.
There was not a Helios choice to select as mentioned inTroy’s instructional post.

I have syncler, but I don’t know if I even used it two times in the several years that I’ve had it. It just seems they never have any decent links available for any movies I’ve done a search on it. An update is long overdue and about time, and they’ve needed some decent search engines because the ones I have been experiencing have been pretty poor.

Hello, you may want to revisit the tutorial as more than likely you are missing a step somewhere. Syncler provides the most high quality links for me as compared to other apps. You need Syncler Premium, Real Debrid, and install the scraper package for this to work well.

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Why screw around with an add supported app when you can use Stremio?

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I just added to a new Onn box, followed the above instructions just to be sure and everything works great.

My experience with syncler was the same as radiospotz3…I have debrid and also the upgrade package…it just never seem to ever come up with any requests…certainly no better than the other apks or kodi

Hello @gabengineers As I said with others I strongly suggest going through tutorial again. More than likely you are missing a step somewhere if you aren’t getting any links. You can also find my new video for the Beta which walks you through every single step.