How to Install Stremio on Firestick with Torrentio/Real-Debrid

Just ran a check on mine. Working just fine.

Yesterday on my Nvidia Shield TV pro and Onn box, 1 TV show Gold Rush had no data loaded each time I went to load that show, but all other TV shows worked, Check this morning with my 4k max and all was working, Will check on the other 2 devices today when I get home from work and see if that TV show works on them
Never had this before

Ok now all 3 streaming devise showing " No information found about this" message. I will delete and reinstall and see if the TV show reloads. It shows on the main load up screen just when I select it to load the next episode nothing loads

I had the same issue on one iptv channel.

Cleared data and signed back in and all ok.

This of course added my device as an additional device to my account. I deleted the previous device from my account. Thus showing the correct number out of 5 allowed.

Where can I get the version of stremio you use? I updated and hate the new and improved version. I say that as sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I just got sent back to kindergarten from maybe the eighth grade. I have stremio 1.6 on my laptop and now need to know how to get it onto my firestock. Thanks

Thanks to Troy and gang for the tutorial and helpful comments…moving from Syncler+ (paid) to Stremio with Torrentio and RD and Orion…I doubt that I ever go back. I tried installing Stremio using downloaded app and tablet, but had a few problems; so I installed first via my Windows PC, much easier. I then installed on my Android boxes, and everything painlessly migrated from the install on PC to Stremio


So all the files and configuration data are kept in the cloud for Stremio. So you can go over to your buddies place, and if they have Stremio installed, you can log them out of their account(make sure they know the user name and pass :laughing:) and then log yourself into their Stremio and all your personal stuff will be applied. All your addons, watch history etc. Then when you leave just log out and they can log back in.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!!

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I installed Stremio about a month ago and everything is working great. Used my PC and then just log into the app on my fire sticks and everything is the same. No longer required to attempt to mirror the devices. :sunglasses:

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Stremio is down, is anyone else experiencing this issue

all working here

Can you describe your experience with Stremio and why you thought the app itself was down? We can try to help you troubleshoot to get you back running.

At the bottom of the screen which appears for a few seconds, it tells me that the link is no longer good and to get another link. I tried to click on it but it goes nowhere, what do you suggest? All my other apps are working.


What device do you have Stremio installed on? What addons have you installed?
Also for the following, do you mean you open Stremio, choose a movie, select a source and it won’t play or is invalid? Or are you trying to install Stremio and get that warning?