How can or can you delete factory apps off Firestick?

Is there a way to delete factory apps off Firestick? I have apps that I never use taking up place. Now when I turn on my firestick I have to go to apps and delete data.

I don’t think you can because I’ve asked. Complained about all the bloatware. You just gotta go through and clear caches every few days. As far as I know.

I have the same complaint about all the amazon bloatware. My idea is to see if bloatware can be moved from the stick to a finger drive I have attached to the firestick. I currently have almost all of my “addons” such as Kodi and several APK’s installed there and have no issues accessing them from the stick. There is a troypoint tutorial on how to move stuff from the stick to the finger drive. But I don’t know if the Amazon junk can be moved there and if it can, can it be done with no ill effects on the system.
Maybe one one of the Troypoint Teckies can offer some guidance

I’ll be watching and reading to see how you guys get along with this concept. . . . a viable one too. Have an older firestick and had to delete almost everything on it to be able to view some football . . . doesn’t make sense. Looking for a good IPTV now as the last one has bit the dust. Good luck with the concept!!

I believe TechDoctorUK has a tool to remove this and or deactivate it to speed up your firestick check it out on you tube. Hope this helps.

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Use the debloat tool in the TP app. The latest version actually shows what services die off when you run the app. The top 4-5 like kill off Prime Video. So if you use that, make sure those boxes are unchecked.

I want to use the TP app but none of my TP apps work now in my firebox. I get “parse error, there was a problem parsing the package” anytime I try to open anything in rapid app. I think my Troypoint app might be outdated? I see no way to update. Help?

uninstall your current app and go to troypoint site and download the updated version using the downloader app

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