How Can I Root My AT&T TV Android Box

Is there any way that I can root my AT&T TV Android box that I bought on eBay? It has never been on the network since AT&T TV switched to DirectTV Stream so I cannot login to it. Any way to root it from without having to login?

First off rooting a device is bypassing their firewall and unlocking options blocked by the software. When we talk about rooting here we mean allowing to install apps and programs by allowing to install from unknown sources.

I doubt you can root a network providers box, they are typically firmware locked.


Rooting anything is only recommend if you know what you are doing you can turn a perfectly good unit into a brick. What is the reason you want to root the box. Take a look at this.

Hate to say this but I would think that you will never get that box working as its att’s and like dracula said its locked. Attempting to break into and modify most likely will result in a broken box of nothing…jus’ sayin’

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I bought this on eBay to replace a box that is going bad. Little did I know that this would never work on a DirectTV system, which replaced AT&T TV… but… the seller knew that and he still sold the unit to me. I just requested a refund and he did refund within 60 seconds since I was going to give him a 1-star review for selling me crap. So, since it’s never been on any system, there is no login to use. That’s why I was asking if I could root it like a phone and load my own Android OS on it.

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