How to Jailbreak Android Phone or Tablet Without Rooting it

This guide will show you How to Jailbreak Android Phones or Tablets without rooting the device.


Just curious why you waited 2 years to complain about a post from july 2022. You joined in 2021.

I agree i dont like saying jailbreak for android. But it happens all the time.

I’m a member here and think he’s a cool guy. You’re correct about jailbreaking and root. They’re two totally different things. I also agree that there are better VPN services but SurfShark isn’t really so bad. I also think it’s really impolite to come here and start trash talking the guy who does help a lot of people and I don’t know him personally but seems to be a genuinely good guy.

I too appreciate Troy and everything he’s done to help total strangers, people he’s never met! I spent nearly three years self learning this hobby and did very well. One day on and I learned more than the previous three years! I only wished I’d found the website like thee years earlier! I love the troypoint experience in every way it has materialized. So much so that invested into this chatroom!
I have not been as active as I could have been but try very hard to be respectful to everyone! I’ve made very few post here but hopefully have helped at least someone. I could have been a founding member but backed out because I’m not of that caliber of support. My name is Frank and am extremely so to the point that I can unintentionally offend others.
As I’ve indicated I’m not wanting to discourage anyone here! I love this hobby and only intend to help promote the great joy and experience I’ve come to love. So happy cutting my corded friends :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think he removed his post or it appears that way to me. Like I said, I don’t agree with his concept of root especially but he does make a lot of videos that help people and I don’t think he’s trying to pull some big profit from what he does. Probably no more than it takes to maintain or cover some of the cost for what he does, including trying out various different products to give his honest review on and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I, for one, do have a very good understanding of what root is as it pertains to Android. Truthfully I really don’t know exactly what jailbreaking an iPhone is. Root, on Android doesn’t have anything to do with sideloading apps. Root gives you admin level permission to make changes at the root level including but not limited to complete control to system partitions and apps but also complete access to data. It’s the only way you can actually back up complete data on Android. Otherwise it depends on what the app allows and how much data they store in external storage which is located in /sdcard/Android.

Yes he deleted it. I didn’t even bother to address the other part of the post because it wasnt worth it for me.

I once, and only once, rooted and android phone. Big mistake for someone that had no idea what i was doing. It was an HTC Hero and i put another OS on it. Was never the same again. Lesson learned. :laughing:

I was trying to make the phone faster but it never happened. Android has come a long way since then, thankfully.

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Yes, for the average user there’s basically no reason to root your device these days. Back when Android was still in it’s infancy it required root for many of the functions that come stock to the end user these days. The only reason I could see someone who’s not already very familiar with root and the potential complications it can cause if used in the wrong manner or obtained incorrectly is the ability to back up your data. The reason they don’t allow it is that in order to do so they can’t without also giving the user and every app they grant root access to access to their data. Though most anything that’s could be really dangerous to or compromise an app isn’t stored on it but the rather the applications server.

Google has the ability to access everything, if they would just include complete data in their Google Drive backups it would be sufficient for most and I don’t understand why they don’t. They even removed the only other method that also worked without root which is a true adb backup.

I’m a little deeper into it than that and I couldn’t imagine not owning a device I couldn’t gain root access to but for very specific reasons and they are imperative for the functions I need. I kind of misspoke because I don’t mind having a device and try to keep one or two that’s not been modified in any way because of security protocols that are difficult to circumvent on a rooted device.

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I wouldn’t even respond to the deleted post/poster. Lost all credibility when he claimed Troy just out for money. Always has to be a bad egg. Let’s move on from it.

I take it further and have his account canceled and 86 from the website!

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