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I’ve downloaded the IPTV smarters and signed up for the Tivimate Companion Premium. I also watched the tutorials and I’m still lost. The guy that gave the tutorial on Tivimate, shows going to a guide and I don’t follow. He also said he has Pluto TV which I signed up on their website, but I guess I’m lost when you’re to add playlists. Where can I find those? How can I get the M3U playlist/url. Also, I had trouble with Troypoint’s app downloading on my fire stick. It came up tool box - not with rapid app installer. I do have a VPN. I just need some guidance. TIA

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We have guides on this on check that out first.

If you made it to troy’s toolbox you made it to the right place. The RAI has been discontinued and removed. As @TP-Dracoo said, there are entire tutorials for TiViMate on Search for them then read.
Have fun and STREAM ON!

My concern is that you only mentioned the Tivimate Companion. That app is only for activating up to 5 devices that use Tivimate. You need to download the actual Tivimate app from the Toolbox if you havent yet.

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I did do that. Sorry if I forgot to mention

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Perfect! So what are you confused about on the Tivimate app? You have IPTV credentials and you are trying to put them in to access the service?

If you don’t have an IPTV service, that will be your next step. We can’t discuss those services by name here on the public insider, but you can start looking into a few here…

5 Best IPTV Services & Apps in Feb. 2023 (Firestick/Android) (

or start here for more verified playlists to maybe get your feet wet using Tivimate and its features:

Your M3U “code” is typically found in 2 places.

  1. The sign up/welcome email you would have received from your IPTV company confirming your account and subscription details. This is the better one, because the M3U will include your user name and password.

  2. The website for the IPTV company where you log into your IPTV account. One of the menu items on the site will give you the M3U but with xxx or blanks where you insert your user name and PW.

Copy the M3U into Tivimate exactly as you see it in the welcome email, or Tivimate will not be able to use it.

Good luck.

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