Help URLs and codes

Can anyone help if possible.

I’m looking for two URLs, all I’ve seen are the Apps, and can only describe them.

They are both SKY apps both are in a square box, ¤ one with the word SKY in BLUE, and the other is the same only the word SKY is multicoloured.

Also, can anyone give me the best free working codes for
IPTV Smarters Pro
“User Name”

I’ve searched everywhere.
It’s for a Christmas present, I’d be very much obliged. Thank you.


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Welcome to our community.

You need to speak to a iptv service person about iptv, they give you the login info. You can see iptv providers on Troy’s website.

There is a topic for free tv based on m3u codes which iptv smarters also uses ease use the search function going forward, its open and active.



As I’m new to this. I’m a bit lost :confused:

I don’t know how to proceed forward, to obtain the codes for m3u codes.

Apologies for my ignorance.



Thank you, that was a great :+1: help

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