Free vs paid stream apps. (Guide)

There is a whole whack of info out there including a coed cutting thread. I’m trying to put that into one thread and bring perspective to this. I see alot of topics and comments all over the map so I will try to make this easy. ( this is done in Canadian dollars)

My intention is to help clear things up. Free service eventually fades out. As we are saving money I’d rather pay a bit then having nothing. I understand not everyone has that option. Thee free stuff works great still. I’d use kody plus crew and oath more than cinema for more accurate links.

Free service.

Look here for all updated reviews and apps.

I will only use two for this example as it’s most common.


Works like NF. All the shows and movies are there with description and thumbnail.

Works pretty good cam/720/1080/4k can be sorted by such.

Gets updated with content fairly quick.

Save to favorites and can sort/search stuff.


Works the almost the same as cinemahd but is more organized

Free use has limited options and links. Needs a package and the free one isn’t as good as paid.

Has all the links like cinemahd but has less issues with wrong movies/tv shows showing.

Updated pretty fast and as all the search functions and options of filtering.

Pulls links quick.

Need a external player installed. Mx player or vlz should work great.

Paid option


App is free but needs real debrid for it to be considered paid. Real debrid is a cost.

You get way more links than free. More acces to shows and movies because of links.

Cheap as well.

A bit of a pain to install but worth it.

The app still free no plus features just uses rd servers for more links.

Still has issues with wrong links wrong movies abs tv shows and some subtitle issues.

Syncler plus

Costs money for the plus content of syncler.

You get better package that pulls more links. Works better than the free version. Pair it with real debrid and it works even better.

All you could ask for in vod. Need mx player or vlc as a video player.

Kodi with realdebrid as a honorable mention

Kodi + venom + crew + seren + oath + realdebrid.

Cost in Canadian

Real debrid

6 bucks for a month.
15 for 4 months

Syncler plus

11 Canadian for 4 months.

Total cost is about 26 bucks for 4 months and I have 0 issues and all my stuff new and old.

Kodi with just real debrid 6 bucks a month


Cinemahd how to install

Syncler setup with payment setup.

How to install kodi

Best kodi addons (everything mentioned is in here)

Kodi speed up guide


Kodi and just 6 bucks a month
Or 26 for syncler plus.

If you are cord cutting you are saving money.

Netflix 16.99
Disney+ 11.99 movies extra.

So that’s 27 right there not even including cable, nor do those 2 apps alone have anywhere near what syncler plus with real debrid has.

And that’s monthly. 26 for 4 months for all that content. I just wanted to share some of this info to help anyone out. Cinemahd is good but not the best spend a bit and get everything.

I posted the most common streaming apps to keep it shorter. And posted the best for paid vod.


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Big difference between cord cutting to save money vs being a cheapskate and wanting to get everything for free. You’re going to spend a lot of valuable time trying to search for free stuff, and the quality is going to be lacking. I think the one time payment of $24USD for Tivimate is worth it. So is the $3/month for real-debrid. And most IPTV is $10-25/month. Totally worth it.

My setup:
Nvidia Shield Pro with Wolf Launcher
IPTV service for up to 3 devices (Tivimate)
Kodi + The Crew + Real-Debrid
IPVanish (wireguard)
Fiber internet (<100Mbps and still plays 4K)

Not counting the internet service price, I’m only paying about $22/month and there’s pretty much nothing I can’t get.



I ment to add iptv but I was more focused on streaming apps.

I forgot about iptv. That’s also an option. I don’t use iptv much my wife uses it so I keep it.

So if we look at those stats:

8-15 bucks Canadian for iptv (monthly)
6 bucks for real debrid works with any compatible stream app.

20 bucks for iptv and real debrid. Typically iptv has great vod service add streaming service with real debrid add and boom also everything for less.

The cost analysis vs paying for cable. For example my cable plus internet was 170 bucks.

I now pay 70 Canadian for internet. (I pay for high end speeds and unlimited data incase people or curious as why so high)

Sorry, I pay 70 for internet as I need the faster service plus unlimited. (Canada is a rip off for service) plus 26. 96 bucks for everything.

If we are looking at savings look at everything.

  • Cable cost
  • Internet cost
  • Netflix cost
  • Disney cost
  • Hulu cost
  • Real debrid cost
  • Syncler cost
  • Iptv cost

Calculate what your paying for what you are getting. Make the choice based on that. Your savings will end up getting your more in theong run. My examples may not be the greatest but canada is not cheap plus I need it for home based networking.

This will vary depending on country and what you pay for cable plus internet.

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Have you looked into a Homerun device? There are even ways to load it onto Tivimate. Plex is used by a lot of Homerun users, but not necessary. With a little bit of effort you can even add an epg to your OTA. Live Channels app is another avenue to load a lot of your streaming contents all in one place. My goal is to eventually create a one stop shop for all my viewing if possible. I think Tivimate might just enable me to do that.

i have two homes dish came out and installed into my second home told me i needed only one
account worked fine for about a year one day nothing would work i called dish and they told me i was stealing thier service as i needed two account i proved that they set it up – but they made me get two accounts at 150 a month ea this is what took me down the cord cutters path
today i use iptv kodi with real debrid and i am at bout 50 a month and can use my services in either home or both at once i wasnt looking for free but i found cheaper and will never go back I LEARNED HOW TO DO ALL THIS FROM TROYPOINT by the way

That’s awesome. This is why I sorta did this guide. Trying to encourage people to spend a little to get better than a free experience.

Good job! :slight_smile:

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